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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – A Rio Times Reporter says he was witnessing this Tuesday (13th) a police raid in Rio’s Vidigal Favela, one kilometer away from Rio neighborhood Leblon.

It started at 11 am and went on an entire day.












The situation at 11 am:

*There are 10-15 military police officers
*There is No Bope (Special Police Operations Battalion), No armor car yet
* Two residents killed
* Intense gunshots, AK 47, automatic weapons, grenades.
* Five Police officers are stuck in the middle of ROAD 25.
* Intense gunfire from every direction

The intervention started at 10 am,  although it’s calmed down somewhat. The police have secured the road.


The situation at 1 pm:

*BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) and CHOQUE (Elite police) have arrived in Vidigal. That is why our reporter expects more confrontation to come.

The situation at 3 pm:

*Total 40+ police officers are present in all of Vidigal. 25+ of them are in Largo do Santinho. CHOQUE leaving Favela Rocinha. Children are stuck within the school in the lower part of Vidigal. The main road is closed. No cars or motos passing.


  1. You are right Sarah! I have checked the post and replaced the reporters’ name.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. I think you should remove his voice in the first video as well — just put what he is saying in text. For his continued well-being.

  3. Hello Janet, thank you for your concern. It is appreciated.
    We have talked with the reporter and he insists on leaving his voice on the video.
    He thinks it is important.


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