By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The federal government ordered the cancellation of Climate Week, a UN regional meeting to discuss climate change, which was to take place from August 19th to 23rd.

The Bolsonaro administration is not very interested in climate change.
The Bolsonaro administration is not very interested in climate change.

The organizers are still to receive an official announcement but are already looking for alternatives to host the meeting in the region.

The Secretary of Sustainability, Innovation, and Resilience of the Bahian capital, André Fraga, lamented the cancellation. “I think it’s terrible for the country. This government’s perspective on the environment is narrow,” he said.

This is the second climate event canceled by the government. Last year, following his election, Bolsonaro stepped down from hosting the UN climate conference, COP-25, alleging high costs.

Climate Week, however, would have been paid entirely by the United Nations. It was estimated to welcome approximately 3,000 people.


  1. There is no sense in this so called “CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES” first of all God is in charge of it all, second we can’t change it, third another money making scam for other countries,stop playing already face the facts, change in the climate has been going on from the beginning of time and we as Humans can’t change that so let our “GOD ALMIGHTY” handle it he is in complete control!


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