By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – This Saturday, 25th, a campaign is organizing the sale of petrol and other tax-free products. The “Tax Fair” is organized by the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (Conaje) in 18 states in over 140 cities.

Old fashioned petrol pumps at a garage in the Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, West Midlands, UK. (Photo Alamy)

Discounts will be offered by gas stations and supermarkets that adhered to the campaign. Conaje claims these will be 50 percent on average. The number of participating stores has not been reported.

“The retailer will decide which products are to be sold tax-free. The business owner will subsidize the amount to be paid to the government out of his own pocket,” said Eduardo Medeiros Pereira, the national coordinator of the initiative.

According to the organizers, the campaign aims to “raise awareness among Brazilians regarding the importance of tax reform in the country.”

Another event, to be held on Thursday, May 30th, will promote a “tax-free day” in which over 1,700 participating stores, in approximately 20 cities in 18 states plus the Federal District, also promise to sell tax-free products.

The campaign is organized by the Youth Chamber of Store Managers (CDL). According to organizers, discounts can amount to up to 70 percent of the final price of the product.

Tax reform is under discussion in Congress. On Wednesday, May 22nd, the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the House approved the processing of a proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) suggesting the reform of the Brazilian tax system.

The content will now be discussed in a select committee still to be set up. It will then proceed to the full Lower House, where it must be passed by at least 308 votes in two rounds of voting, before moving to the Senate.


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