By Nicholas Storey, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – The Rio State coastline is affectionately known as the Costa Verde (Green Coast) for its lush, tropical forests, beautiful islands and the near-perfect color of its sea. Two of its most important areas are Paraty and Angra dos Reis. Government protected natural beauty and high demand make this coast a green investment indeed.


Paraty is rich in nature, history and culture. It is located 232 kilometers south of Rio de Janeiro and can be reached by car in two to three hours, or by coach from Rio’s central bus depot. There is also a small airfield for helicopters and light aircraft.

Snorkelers in the sea off Praia do Nordeste beach, photo by Embratur.
Snorkelers in the sea off Praia do Nordeste beach, photo by Embratur.
The historic center is subject to national trust regulations, with a large portion of the city located in the Bocaina mountain range. There is also the sea of Paraty Bay, the coastline of which is preserved. The city was founded in 1667 around the church of Nossas Senhora Dos Remedios, the patron saint of the city, and was once of great economic importance. Later in the twentieth century its economic power was redeveloped from the tourist trade.

Paraty Bay is one of the most beautiful nautical destinations in Brazil. It is part of the Ilha Grande Bay and has calm and clear waters ideal for diving and sailing.

For those looking to buy in Paraty, let the reader be warned of hard finds and higher costs. Properties in the historical center, part of a heritage site, can be found on including several islands for sale. A twenty hectare island with a five-bedroom mansion is for sale for US$1.5 Million. For the smaller investor, a 26 bedroom hotel is for sale for US$1 Million.

If you like to live and work from home, a two story building is for sale for US$250,000 with residential accommodation on the top floor and a business on the ground floor. See also

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis, meaning ‘Kings’ Harbor‘, counts 365 islands and 2,000 beaches.

An historic sailboat docked in Angra dos Reis, photo by Embratur.
An historic sailboat docked in Angra dos Reis, photo by Embratur.
Angra dos Reis lies between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo states. This part of the Costa Verde is best explored by boat. The biggest island is Ilha Grande, a paradise with numerous trails, beaches and waterfalls.

The beach sand is very fine and waters are clear and calm. Places to visit include Praia Grande, Praia do Retiro and the navy school. There is also Ilha do Gipoia (Snake Island), named for its serpentine shape. There are different types of beaches including surfing beaches; Grande and Feras, whereas Praia da Piedade is a family beach. There are also shipwrecks to be explored at Maciel.

Serra do Mar features stunning waterfalls. For surfers, the strongest waves can be found at Praia Brava, and those looking for solitude can find it at Praia Secreta. Hotel do Frade offers excellent accommodation and entertainment while deciding whether to buy in this locality.

At the upper end of the market, R$400,000 will provide a four-bedroom house in a condominium; R$600,000 for a larger four-bedroom house in a condo; R$750,000 a four-bedroom house not in a condo; R$950,000 a large house on a plot of 6,200 square meters; R$1.5 Million a four-bedroom house with all rooms facing the sea, in a condo; R$2 Million a beachfront house not in a condo on a plot of 15,000 square meters with a private beach; R$2.5 Million a three-bedroom house in a condo on a plot of 1,280 square meters; and R$4 Million a four-bedroom house in a condo on a plot of 18,000 square meters. Take a look at the website for further offers.

At the middle to lower end of the market, a three-bedroom villa in a condominium here, say, fifty meters to the beachfront with a pool will cost US$145,000. A three-bedroom apartment with a sea view typically costs US$ 65,000. A four-bedroom villa with a sea view typically costs US$120,000 and a five-bedroom house with a sea view and pool typically costs US$150,000. Although renowned for its crystal clear waters and coastal scenery, it has favelas as well as a nuclear power station in the vicinity. See



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