By Nelson Belen, Contributing Writer

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Tuesday, June 14th, during a visit to some of the sites and facilities of the 2016 Rio Olympics, interim President Michel Temer offered financial support from the federal government for one of the most anticipated Olympic projects, Metro Linha 4 (Line 4).

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Interim President Temer toured Olympic facilities on Tuesday, June 14th, photo by Shana Reis/Governo do Rio de Janeiro.

The new Metro Line 4 will connect Ipanema to Barra da Tijuca and is scheduled to open on August 1st, just four days before the Games start, limited initially only for event ticket holders, athletes, and official press pass holders.

During a tour of Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca, with Rio mayor, Eduardo Paes, other government officials and representatives of both the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and International Olympic Committee(COI), interim President Temer spoke enthusiastically about the progress of the Olympic works and the legacy of the 2016 Games, including the possibility of federal financial support for the completion of the Metro Line 4.

“Financial Studies on Metro Line 4 are being finalized and we will have the data beginning next week to definitively resolve this question.” Temer added “So, it was important I came here with the ministry to know the works of the Olympic Park and show that we will cooperate with the needs of a financial nature, with the absolute conviction that we are doing it for Brazil and the world.”

Relatedly, early Wednesday (June 15th) morning, the Secretary of Transportation, Rodrigo Vieira, announced the completion of one of the Metro Line 4 stations, the São Conrado station. The station will now undergo the installation of its computer operating systems and begin its final tests.

The São Conrado station will serve 61,000 people a day. The station will have three entrances: at Avenida Estrada da Gávea, next to Extra Supermarket; at Avenida Niemeyer, in front of the Igreja Universal da Rocinha (Universal Church of Rocinha); and at Avenida Aquarela do Brasil, next to the Itavema car dealership.

The Metro Line 4 is expected to unite the city and improve the quality of life for thousands of people. The entire project is designed to transport more than 300,000 people a day, removing about 2,000 vehicles from the streets during peak rush hour.


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