By Nicholas Storey, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – Saquarema is a seaside town, 100 kilometers northeast of Rio de Janeiro, famous for hosting the world surfing championships in Itaúna and the volleyball championships in Barra Nova.

The beach community comes alive on the weekends when families get together to partake in the area’s many outdoor activities, and often just to sit back, relax and barbecue in the late-day sunshine. Anyone thinking of coming to visit the area before buying can stay at any one of several of pousadas, the best of which is the Maasai Hotel in Itaúna (tel 00 55 22 2651 1092).

Aerial view of Saquarema and the church Igreja Nossa Senhora de Nazareth, photo by Embratur.
Aerial view of Saquarema and the church Igreja Nossa Senhora de Nazareth, photo by Embratur.
Saquarema can claim fifty kilometers of beaches, broken only by the rock upon which the landmark Igreja Nossa Senhora de Nazareth (Church of Our Lady of Nazareth) is perched.

There is a road improvement project in operation which may serve to increase property values in the area, as well as a new tourism office, where multiple languages are spoken (tel 00 55 22 2651 2123).

For investors on the lookout for a beachfront property or a small farm, this might well be the place to buy. There are many real estate agents in the area, as well as some selling property over the internet. Rentals range from R$450 for a modest studio apartment to R$1,000 or more for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom house.

The area nearest to the main road is called Jaconé Rio. It has a village feel and, as one would expect, everyone knows your name. It has one of the largest lagoons in Saquarema with a spectacular mountain backdrop.

Two-bedroom houses are typically available for around R$120,000; three-bedroom houses from R$170,000 on a 450 square meter plot, or if you prefer to build your own, plots of beachfront land are available from R$35,000.

Barra Nova is home to the town’s volleyball stadium. Typically, a three-bedroom house on its beachfront can be bought for R$145,000.

In Gravatá and Boqueirão, a three-bedroom house on the lagoon on a 450 square meter plot costs between R$160,000 and R$300,000, and a similar plot with a larger, beachfront house costs in the range of R$250,000 and R$750,000.

Itaúna is regarded as one of the best areas of Saquarema. A two-bedroom apartment with ocean views costs from R$148,000; a two-bedroom house in a condominium ranges from R$130,000 to R$180,000; a three-bedroom house in a condominium ranges from R$160,000 to R$260,000 and outside the condominiums, a small, beachfront one-story two-bedroom house on a plot of 1,250 square meters costs R$500,000. Larger properties on the beach go up to the R$1 Million mark.

Saquarema's beaches offer relaxing moments and top water sports, photo by Embratur.
Saquarema's beaches offer relaxing moments and top water sports, photo by Embratur.
Morro da Cruz is the highest point in Saquarema and has spectacular views of the ocean, lagoon and mountains. The cost of a four-bedroom house in a condominium starts at R$370,000, with leisure facilities shared with nineteen houses, including the usual security features.

Sampaio Correia is on the mountain road to Rio. There are many small farms here and a fruit farm on 15,000 square meters costs R$250,000, including: a three-bedroom house, swimming pool, BBQ area and football field; whereas a smaller farm of 6,250 square meters costs R$100,000, including a three-bedroom house.

For more properties in the lakes region area, visit and contact Evandro Jr., an excellent local agent who speaks English.



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