By Nicholas Storey, Contributing Reporter

The picture-perfect beach landscape of Itacaré, photo by Mariana Dias.
The picture-perfect beach landscape of Itacaré, photo by Mariana Dias.

RIO DE JANEIRO – Itacaré and Ilhéus, on the Cacao Coast, are 440 kilometers south of Salvador, and the closest national airport is Ilhéus. The closest international airport to these charming northern cities is Salvador.

There are restaurants, inns and hotels but as yet the infrastructure is inadequate to cope with a great influx of visitors, thus creating a good opportunity for investors willing to wait out the inevitable modernization of the area. There are beaches and hills and the best are near the town center, with more of a solid semblance of tourist facilities and services.

The area has more than twenty kilometers of virgin beaches. Dozens of kilometers of nearly-deserted beaches and seemingly endless coconut groves share the coastline with a lush variety of vegetation from the native coastal rainforest to vast mangroves and stately cacao plantations, some of which have been used as settings for films and soap operas. It is a true ecological and tropical paradise.

A hike on the trails and along the coves in Itacaré, a horseback ride along the seashore, a boat trip through the Ilhéus Delta or to the place where the Pardo River meets the sea, a mineral-bath at Olivença Mineral Springs, a visit to the Golden Lion Tamarin Reserve, or a much needed revitalization in the mineral-rich monazitic sands of Canavieiras, are just a few of the options available in the area.

Tourism along the Cocoa Coast is developing rapidly, with investments by Brazilian and international businesspeople, mostly French and Swiss, spurred on by tax incentives granted by municipal governments to those who invest in this sector.

Resende beach is near the town of Itacaré, and is a protected area with no construction. The best beach with an infrastructure is Concah beach. Tiriraca is a beach for surfers.

Aerial view of Ilhéus from Alto da Conquista, photo by Renato Burity.
Aerial view of Ilhéus from Alto da Conquista, photo by Renato Burity.

Property for sale in Ilhéus can be great value for your dollar. At just a five minute walk to the beach, a three-story house with five bedrooms, three en suites with ocean views, three reception rooms, swimming pool, maid’s accommodation and solar heating is available for R$700,000.

Property for sale in Itacaré includes an investment opportunity of an eight-bedroom pousada, a separate two-bedroom house and a gift shop for just under R$620,000. For eco lovers there is an eco-resort and condominium properties for sale located in what was previously a cocoa farm, preserving the essential natural flora and fauna with prices starting at R$700,000 for a two-bedroom bungalow with sea views, with many facilities available in the resort such as a hotel, 24-hour security and the usual utilities.

There are also plots of land for sale for those who enjoy starting from scratch, starting at just over R$409,700. There are houses for sale in a smaller condominium of only eleven properties, with shared leisure facilities such as a pool, BBQ area and sports facilities, with prices starting at R$330,000 for a two-bedroom villa. All properties mentioned in this article are available through


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