By Bhamika Bhudia, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Rio is famed for its spectacular New Year’s Eve firework display and music festival, and as snow settles in other parts of the world, tourists flock to Rio for the holiday season to escape the cold winter of their home countries. At this extremely busy time, it is essential that anybody planning to spend the holidays here arranges a place to stay as soon as possible.

Copacabana Penthouse
Copacabana Penthouse available for temporary stays and staffed with fully trained employees, photo courtesy of Rio Exclusive.

While some go for the budget or economical options, those willing to stretch their purses farther and start the New Year off in some serious style, can also be accommodated in the Cidade Maravilhosa.

Luxury penthouses overlooking the ocean on Copacabana beach, where the major New Year’s Eve festivities take place, can be rented out during this time to enjoy the show and soak in the atmosphere, without having to deal with masses of revelers.

Or better yet, an apartment can offer easy access to humongous beach party, for those who want to immerse themselves into the crowd and take part, but be able to retreat as needed to enjoy the view form above.

According to Mike Rollins from Rio Exclusive, which specializes in luxury apartments, it is customary to wear white on New Year’s Eve, to bring good luck and peace for the upcoming year.

Rio Exclusive

Another local tradition to take part in is the customary Afro-Brazilian religious offerings, where candles are lit on the beach and flowers thrown into the sea.

Rollins describes New Year’s Eve in Rio is an unmissable experience. “With the fireworks that are set off from boats anchored in the harbor, there is not a more beautiful New Year’s in the world, and with the beach expecting about 2,000,000 people, and live Brazilian music and DJs, it’s one of the biggest New Years parties in the world.”

Rollins adds that renting a penthouse is the ultimate way to spend time in Rio, namely because it provides a home-away-from-home.

“A penthouse gives you the freedom to relax as you would at home, plus, many of our luxury properties have private pools and terraces overlooking the beach, so you can enjoy Rio from the privacy of your own property if you prefer.” he explains.

Mike Rollins, Rio Exclusive
Mike Rollins, Rio Exclusive, photo courtesy of Rio Exclusive.

In addition, Rollins continues, “The one-on-one service you receive from our house staff is unparalleled, and if you rent one of the penthouses along Copacabana beach, then you have a prime viewing for the fireworks show over the Atlantic.”

The company also boasts top-of-the-line service with each penthouse staffed by fully trained, experienced employees and can even arrange for a private chef to cook a meal or cater a cocktail party.

Rollins explains; “It’s much more economical to rent a property from one of our owners, rather than paying for a hotel room, as you get privacy, discretion and luxury at a level that hotels just can’t match.”

A number of the company’s properties have been featured in photos shoots for magazine covers and feature articles, and are regularly requested for catalog photo shoots, video for commercials and television, as well as hosting private parties for diplomatic delegates and VIP clients worldwide.

“We only want to offer the absolute best in luxury, and so we make sure that all our properties are modern, expertly taken care of and exquisitely maintained. All the luxury properties have staff that come with the rental, so there is never anything our guests are left wanting for,” Explains Rollins.

While not everyone can afford to experience New Year’s Eve in this level of style, it’s certainly something to aspire to, and worth it at least once in a lifetime.

* This is a paid Advertorial for Rio Exclusive.


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