By Nicholas Storey, Contributing Reporter

The lake district town of Marica offers miles of unspoiled beaches, photo by Aleanderson Oliveira.
The lake district town of Marica offers miles of unspoiled beaches, photo by Aleanderson Oliveira.

RIO DE JANEIRO – East of Rio de Janeiro proper lies the tranquil lake region, in fact magnificent sea-fed lagoons which have long offered respite for urban dwellers on weekends and holidays. The area has a thriving year-round community as well, and offers interesting propositions for real estate investors.

For those looking to buy for rental purposes, the market is stable and can be expected to peak over the summer period from December through March, while remaining steady through the year and leveling off in Rio’s winter. Potential buyers considering relocating to the region can be assured that most properties in condominiums or similar developments offer the same amenities as the Marvelous City, without the hassle of traffic, crime and pollution.

The region includes: Marica, Ponta Negra, Saquarema, Araruama, Arrial do Cabo, Cabo Frio, up to as far as Buzios. You can take the scenic route along the coast or travel on the toll highway.

Marica is the closest town to Rio city after Niteroi, and can be reached within an hour from Rio de Janeiro proper. Despite its close proximity to Rio it is a sleepy town which may experience rapid growth. There has recently been a lot of international investment in the area with the building of condominiums. It is an ideal location for those who shun crowds and like miles of beach to themselves.

A two to three-bedroom house ranges from R$165,000 to R$435,000; a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house ranges from R$189,000 to R$280,000 and a five-bedroom, four to five-bathroom house ranges from R$420,000 to just under R$1 Million. See further information at

The Blue Lagoon of Arraial do Cabo, photo by Milton Ferreira Braga Junior.
The Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) of Arraial do Cabo, photo by Milton Ferreira Braga Junior.

Arraial do Cabo is located about 140 kilometers east of Rio de Janeiro, between Buzios and Cabo Frio, on one side, and Saquarema and Araruama on the other. At Arraial, there are white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, sand dunes, visible shoals of fish, ecological reservations and one of the world’s most rewarding locations for fishing. It is a popular destination for those seeking natural beauty and simple and almost unexplored settings.

Historically, the development of Arraial came about as a fishing village and was known as ‘Atlantic Paradise’ by its local inhabitants, offering lagoons, beaches, reefs and sand dunes. One of its most attractive lagoons is called Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon).

There are several beaches, each offering their own idiosyncratic attractions; Pontal beach is a good choice for those wishing to undertake serious fishing. Prainha (’Little Beach’) is one kilometer long and has lots of kiosks and low buildings. For beach lovers and at a length of thirteen hundred meters, there is Praia Grande (‘Big or Long Beach’) which also offers fresh, simple cuisine at its many beach kiosks.

A loft apartment with fantastic views is available at R$120,000 from



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