By Oliver Bazely, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – Following our recent series of articles examining the Rio housing market at fixed price-intervals, our second series caters for renters, rather than those looking to buy. Firstly, we take a look at the type of apartment you can expect to rent in five popular neighborhoods for around R$1,500 per month. Prices were taken from

Botafogo apartments offer considerably more value per square meter than those in Ipanema and Leblon, photo by Oli Bazely.

Ipanema is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Rio, with the advantage of an expansive beach and without the slightly seedy edge of Copacabana. Accordingly, the cost of renting an apartment is among the highest in the city. For R$1,500, expect a fifty square meter apartment with one bedroom. The view will be restricted to facing buildings, as opposed to the sea views enjoyed by some of other residents. The majority of the buildings are high rise, so porters are employed in most buildings.

Example: This 49m2 apartment is located between Ipanema and Copacabana, and features a small, but functional bathroom, a living room with a bar and small kitchenette. Furniture is slightly dated, but is in good condition. Air conditioning is not installed. The listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 50m2
Average rent per m2: R$50

Leblon is Rio’s most sought-after bairro, and, with high demand comes high prices. Finding anything in the R$1500 price range is difficult, but not impossible. As in Ipanema, a one bedroom apartment with some fairly significant drawbacks with regards to space is most likely to be on offer. For those determined to base themselves here on a more limited budget, a shared apartment would present a better deal.

Example:  For R$1,400 per month, it is possible to rent a room in this two bedroom apartment. The flat comes fully furnished, with Wi-Fi, Cable TV, air conditioning and 24 hour security. The listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 40-50m2
Average rent per m2: R$50

Copacabana is located at the heart of Zona Sul, and benefits from great amenities and good public transport links. It is popular with tourists and short-stay visitors, so lacks the refined atmosphere of Leblon, or the bohemian spirit of Santa Teresa. R$1,500 is sufficient to rent a fifty square meter apartment in a centrally-located building. Many apartments are targeted at tourists so are already furnished, but the quality of furnishings is unlikely to be anything but basic in this price range.

Example: This 40m2 apartment features one bedroom, a small living / dining area, and comes with some basic furniture, including a double bed. The listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 55-65m2
Average rent per m2: R$28

Graph displaying square-meter against price (in thousands of reais) of apartments currently on offer on, image by Oli Bazely.

Located between Copacabana and Flamengo, Botafogo has a slightly edgier reputation than some Zona Sul districts, however the sharp rise in demand for real estate across the south zone has benefited the relatively underdeveloped market here. Amenities and transport links are good, with Rio Sul Shopping and Botafogo Praia Shopping malls in the area. Apartments at the R$1,500 price range are a more spacious sixty square meters on average, and can be found with one or two bedrooms, fitted kitchens, ocean views and separate dining rooms.

Example: Located on Rua Dona Mariana, this unfurnished apartment has two bedrooms, a living room and a very basic kitchen. The area outside the apartment has been recently converted into a patio. The listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 65m2
Average rent per m2: R$23

Flamengo is another of Rio’s high-rise neighborhoods, and is at least fifteen minutes travel from the Atlantic beaches, making it less popular with tourists than Copacabana or Ipanema. Among the apartment blocks can be found several art-deco buildings and consulates, which enhance the barrio’s desirability. On average, apartments available for R$1,500 are forty-to-fifty square meters and feature one bedroom and a small kitchen. You may get luck and see apartments with modern fitted kitchens and bathrooms, or views of Guanabara Bay, although finding both together is unlikely. Apartments usually also feature air conditioning or a bedroom with an en suite bathroom.

Example: This 32m2 one-bed apartment is available for R$1,200. It comes part-furnished and features a modernized bathroom and kitchen, as well as air conditioning. The bedroom has a fitted wardrobe, but no bed, and the listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 50m2
Average rent per m2: R$35


  1. In Brazil, in addition to rent, you pay the monthly condo fee (“condomínio”) and property tax (“IPTU”). It would be helpful to clarify if you are considering these as well.

  2. Just a small note; “.. between Ipanema and Copacabana ..” means Arpoador. People who rent or sell there tend to say the property is Ipanema because of higher prestige, but this doesn`t change he fact that Arpoador is a seperate district, and you can actually find properties classified under Arpoador in

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