By Nicole Pelligrino, Contributing Reporter

Street in Glória, Photo by Nicole Pelligrino.
Street in Glória, Photo by Nicole Pelligrino.

RIO DE JANEIRO – What if there existed a neighborhood that was: affordable, verdant, peaceful, tightly-knit, safe, pedestrian and car-friendly, accessible to the Mêtro and buses, with a waterfront and gorgeous views? A place where a wonderful quality of life need not cost a fortune? Look no further than Glória.

Glória is nestled between Flamengo, Catete, Santa Teresa and the waterfront. The main business corridor of the neighborhood runs along Rua da Glória, and during the day it bustles with residents, vendors and shoppers. The strip boasts grocery stores, snack shops, several restaurants, a plethora of street vendors and pharmacies.

The ambiance is decidedly calm, friendly and relaxed. Produce vendors artfully display their high-quality goods seven days a week. What’s more, the Sunday morning produce bazaar entices people out of bed and into the street for Rio’s best fresh fruits, veggies and flowers at astonishing bargains.

Intimate residential roads lay behind Rua da Glória. Well-maintained, old-fashioned homes are positioned amongst newer apartment complexes on charming tree-lined streets. Both the neighborhood’s proximity to the water and the lush greenery keep it relatively cool on sweltering summer days. The car-friendliness and ample parking are unparalleled if one chooses to drive.

Along these streets, a standard one bedroom condominium runs from around R$90,000,00 to $200,000,00, although condo with a veranda or extra bedrooms will run a bit higher. Rentals run from R$900/month to R$1500/month in this area.

A waterfront apartment along Rua de Russel boasts views of the Marina da Gloria (Rio’s only public marina), Parque de Flamengo (including bicycle trails, picnic areas and a beach), Centro, Niteroi, Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf. Condominiums vary in price from around R$350.000,00 up to R$700.000,00. Rentals in this area run R$1500 up—depending on size, views and the number of bedrooms.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Glória de Outeiro, Photo by Nicole Pelligrino.
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Glória de Outeiro, Photo by Nicole Pelligrino.

It is said that you are never too far from history in Rio. Indeed, these properties are literally steps away from the highest point in the neighborhood—the jutting hilltop on which the 300 year old Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Glória de Outeiro is perched. Reasonably priced properties with views like these are hard to come by in Rio, or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Hop in a car or on the subway and arrive in Flamengo within five minutes, Botafogo in ten, and Ipanema in about twenty. The Cinelândia Mêtro station is only one stop away; the Carioca station a mere two stops away. A stroll from Glória to Centro clocks in at around fifteen minutes, allowing for the perfect opportunity to walk to work. Buses along the beach roads—Avenida Beira Mar and Avenida Infante Dom Henrique—run 24-hours a day and offer a great alternative to the subway system.

Glória’s location, beauty and unique Carioca flavor, make it one of the most desirable communities in Rio de Janeiro. See for yourself!

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  1. well I think the writer is looking at Gloria through Rose coloured glasses. I think it is an up and coming area but it has a long way to go . Clean up the homeless problem and get rid of the Transvestites and their admirers cruising the area at night. Then clean the streets. Once this is done the description would be more accurate in my opinion.
    I live in Catete and walk through Gloria and up to Santa Theresa regularly so I know this area well.

  2. Marc, I live in the area too and I agree with you. But I’m not sure how an article on the “Transvestite Problem” in Gloria would fly. We aren’t really trying to be controversial. If you want to know how I feel about the transvestites or the “homeless problem” feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I probably would have gotten some great photos had I gone that angle, ay?

  3. haha true enough.
    But despite it all I still love the whole Catete, Gloria, Lapa area. It is full of life and character….if sometiemes a little too much!

    But give me these areas over Copa ANY day..

  4. Hey, Rio’s got to keep some genuine vestiges of “bohemia” or she wouldn’t be Rio any more. I suspect that the TVs in Gloria are a lot more literate than the “ladies” on the loose on Avenida Atlantica at night, so don’t rush to get rid of them, please!


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