By Michela DellaMonica, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Rio Maravilha is a new real estate consulting and sales business located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They launched with a sophisticated and easy-to-use website to facilitate their services, and provide clients with a safe and secure method to purchase real estate in the Cidade Maravilhosa.

Riserva Golf, Barra da Tijuca, Rio Maravilha Consulting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Riserva Golf, Barra da Tijuca, photo by Rio Maravilha Consulting.

Rio Maravilha Consulting was founded in January 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by two brothers, Brian and James Lawson. Through their interest in travel and time spent in Rio, decided to establish the consulting firm along with friend and real estate agent, Jocelyn Vieira da Silva Filho.

Brian Lawson spent six years living and working in Rio de Janeiro, becoming fluent in Portuguese and making great friends and contacts. Then, while in Rio, Brian and James noticed the large number of real estate developments being built and soon pitched the idea of an international real estate company to Jocelyn Vieira da Silva Filho, a real estate agent, company manager and friend in Rio, who loved the idea.

Regarding the much bemused ‘Brazil Cost’ of getting a business started in Rio, the team has found it rewarding. “There are always challenges in starting a company, but the challenges have made the process interesting and educational,” says James Lawson.

The Lawson brothers and da Silva Filho formed a partnership and combined their professional contacts to create a real estate company that allows a safe and secure method to buy and sell real estate in Rio de Janeiro. This method is through their uniquely created website which is a very important tool for those searching for the perfect home or office.

Rio Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Canadian brothers Brian and James Lawson formed Rio Maravilha, January 2013, photo courtesy of Rio Maravilha Consulting.

“Working closely with Empresa Kimagori, we chose this method on our site in order to better categorize the real estate listings,” says Brian Lawson. “The drop down menu allows easy access to real estate in each phase of a development, pre-sales, in construction and ready to move in, as well as, a commercial option for those interested in stores, hotels, and office space.”

Rio Maravilha works with some of the largest real estate companies in Rio de Janeiro, which allows clients the ability to purchase anything from single family homes to stores, hotels, or entire floors of commercial developments.

“First, we evaluate our client’s needs and the type of real estate they are interested in purchasing, then we consult with our partner Jocelyn and search for suitable locations within Rio de Janeiro,” explains Brian Lawson.

The team at Rio Maravilha Consulting believes that when buying or selling real estate in Rio everyone from around the world should have a full understanding of the projects, prices and neighborhoods, and the team of three have created a window of opportunity for those interested in the real estate of Rio de Janeiro. “Our main goal is to open the doors to a variety of real estate and create more options for people from each and every country,” admits Jocelyn Vieira.

When asked what dream property they’d like to sell James Lawson told The Rio Times, “it would be amazing to sell a unit like the Grand Hyatt Penthouse on the beach in Barra da Tijuca, but just finding a nice comfortable unit with a great price for an individual or family who has struggled to find something in Rio de Janeiro can be just as rewarding.”

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