By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After five years of a booming double-digit growth the real estate market in Rio de Janeiro is finally cooling off, but those looking for holiday vacation rentals may not see much change yet, especially around New Year’s Eve and Carnival. The factor that should make a difference this year is the stronger U.S. dollar, which has gained almost thirty percent in the last eighteen months.

Temporary apartments in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Temporary apartments in Rio remain a great way to get more value and private accommodations in Rio de Janeiro, photo Alexandre Macieira/Riotur.

German expatriate and CEO of real estate firm Agência Heidelberg, Sven dos Santos, says, “The demand for accommodations during the Carnival and New Years Eve is always high. During the last years most of our customers were Brazilians. This year we expect even more tourists because the number of international travelers is growing.”

Santos continues, “The U.S dollar is very strong compared to the Brazilian reais (+28 percent within the last 1.5 years) and Rio de Janeiro is an affordable city for most tourists now.” He adds, “With the Olympic Games in 2016 and the great advertising in form of the last World Cup, Rio de Janeiro will be one of the main tourist hot spots for the next years.”

Vacation rentals in Rio are a great option for those that are looking for better value and more privacy than a hotels. Sven dos Santos offers some council for those planning to come to Rio, “I recommend travelers to get in contact with local accommodation providers. The listings are in Brazilian reais. Some foreign providers are still listing the properties in other currencies, which mostly means no exchange rate savings.”

“Another way to save some money is to stay for a longer period. Most of the vacation rental providers work with 7 or 10 night packages for the Carnival and the New Years Eve. The same package price will be charged, if the traveler stays less nights. So stay for what you pay!” Adding, “For a single traveler who only stays 3-5 days I suggest to stay in a Hotel or Hostel depending on the budget. For groups in general or single travelers who stay more than seven nights, I recommend a vacation rental property.”

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  1. I am looking for a vacation rental in Impanema Beach for Feb. 12-21, 2016; please send available listings. I am requesting an apartment with air conditioning, hot water, and internet service.


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