By Nicholas Storey, Contributing Reporter

Salvador beach, photo by
Salvador beach, photo by

BAHIA – Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahía and has an international airport with extensive connections to the rest of Brazil. Flights coming from North America and Europe are two hours shorter than those going to Rio de Janeiro. There are thirteen flights to Salvador per week from thirteen countries.

Salvador has an infrastructure typical of a modern city. It has a stunning historic center and is a major tourist destination, famous for its Afro-Brazilian culture and cuisine.

The area boasts one of Brazil’s largest coastlines, stretching 932 kilometers. The many beaches offer diversity in terms of flora and fauna. Some are calm and ideal for diving and fishing while others with stronger waves are sought after by surfers.

Recently, Bahía has attracted large-scale investment. It is not uncommon to see back-to-back resorts and condominiums offering golf, sailing, fishing, diving, riding and trekking facilities to name a few. They also have their own shops, banks and medical services. Typically, a condominium apartment costs US$150,000 and a house on a large plot over 2,500 square meters would cost between US$1Million to US$1.5 Million.

Property advertised for sale by includes a three-bedroom house in Salvador fifty meters from the beach available for R$190,000. There is also a chance to build your own house from R$350,000 on a lagoon in a condominium with a private club, tennis courts, a large swimming pool, kids’ club, sauna, fitness center and water sports facilities.

A five-bedroom, three-bathroom house with an ocean view close to a PGA golf course on a plot of over 1,000 square meters is available for R$420,000.

At the upper end of the scale there is a house on a 20,000 square meter plot including a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house with the possibility of an artist’s studio and guest house as an extra. The asking price is R$700,000 and it is located 45 minutes by ferry from Salvador in a perfect hideaway.

Carnival in Salvador, photo by
Carnival in Salvador, photo by

Property advertised by includes a one-bedroom apartment for R$99,000 in a condominium away from the beachfront and a similar apartment on the beachfront for R$180,000. Such condominiums come with a gym, pool, spa and restaurants.

Some developers are offering apartment hotel properties for those on retirement visas; a one-bedroom apartment would typically cost R$180,000 on the beachfront.

Away from the condominiums, a three-bedroom apartment off the beachfront costs R$190,000. A cashew farm of 28 hectares can be yours for R$300,000. A small nine-bedroom pousada (bed and breakfast) is available for R$550,000 with grounds of 1,200 square meters.

Praia do Forte is a popular area for eco-tourism. It is family-oriented and offers many dining and shopping options and is favored as a middle-class holiday destination. Luxury, beachfront, three-bedroom, three-bathroom, air-conditioned apartments are available for R$695,000 in a large condominium.

There are also investment opportunities available such as an eight-bedroom pousada for R$1.2 Million and a small apartment hotel with fifteen apartments for R$1.8 Million, with the possibility to take over existing contracts with European tour operators.


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