By Anna Fitzpatrick, Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – At the end of last year we explored what R$2,000 per month can afford in Brazil’s largest city, this week we return our look at the rental market, but now at the top end with R$10,000 per month to spend.  At this level the options flatten out, and what you can get is comparable in all the top districts in São Paulo.

The Jardins in São Paulo, photo by Alexandre Giesbrecht/Flickr Creative Commons License.

The Jardins: Last year we showed you that it is location you pay for if you want a zip code in this fashionable area, the good news is at the top end of the market your money gets you a lot more space. Most apartments in this sector of the market come with at least two car parking spaces and en suite bathrooms.

Example: This apartment on Rua Haddock Lobo has four bedrooms, two of which are en suite and a floor area of 250m². The apartment also comes with four parking spaces. Each floor of the building only has one residence, an essential if privacy is on the checklist.

Average size apartment: 275m²
Average Condominium fee: R$2,000/month

Moema: With the Central Park of São Paulo, Praque Ibirapuera, in the middle of the neighborhood, there is no shortage of outdoor, green space in which to run, bike or walk. On weekends the park is crowded with families and fitness fanatics, getting some much needed fresh air and peace and quiet. The area is also home to Shopping Ibirapuera, one of the oldest shopping malls in the country.

Example: This four bedroom apartment, built in 2000, has great views of the city and a spacious balcony on which to enjoy them. With 225m² of space, the building has only one apartment per floor. It also comes with three car parking spaces. The apartment has wooden floors throughout and a fireplace in the lounge area. Three of the bedrooms have en suite with one bathroom also containing a whirlpool bath.

Average apartment size: 280m²
Average condominium fee: R$2,000/month

Higienópolis, photo by Alexandre Giesbrecht/Flickr Creative Commons License.

Higienópolis: In the tree lined streets of Higienópolis it is almost possible to forget that you are in the central area of one of the biggest cities in the world. One of the oldest residential neighborhoods, there are traditional buildings, brand new blocks and spacious, old houses that add an air of sophistication to the area.

Example: There is plenty of space in this 340m² apartment on Avenida Higienópolis, with four bedrooms, three of which are en suite. The apartment is light and bright and has spectacular excellent views over the city and easy access to Shopping Higienópolis and other local amenities.

Average apartment size: 300m²
Average condominium fee: R$1,900/month

Morumbi: A relatively new area in the city, it vies with The Jardins as the most desirable place to live amongst Paulistas. With a name meaning ‘green hill’ in Tupi language, the suburb is leafy and green. The neighborhood is also home to a football stadium, which can make traffic a problem during matches and concerts. On the plus side, there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to eating and drinking.

Example: Rua Isabella is home to this 240m² apartment containing four bedrooms, all en suite. The apartment has a spacious living room with a fireplace and wooden floors throughout. The terrace area has a barbecue and fantastic view. The facilities at this apartment are a real selling point with a heat pool, spa, squash and playground for a condominium charge of R$2,500/month.

Average apartment size: 300m²
Average condominium fee: R$2,100/month


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