By Anna Fitzpatrick, Contributing Reporter

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – This week we examine what you can get for your money renting in São Paulo. We have looked previously at what R$2,500 per month in rent affords in Rio, and now we compare that to rental rates in Brazil’s largest city. With a monthly budget of R$2,000, the locations are similar to what was reviewed when exploring what R$300K would buy in this modern day babylonia.

High-rise living in São Paulo, photo by Alan Cleaver/Flickr Creative Commons License.

A popular area for first time buyers and young professionals, the opening of the metro will go some way towards easing traffic congestion in the neighborhood and will no doubt push up real estate values in the area. With literally hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from there is plenty to on offer in the area by way of entertainment.

Example: This apartment on Rua Girrasol, close to the lively Villa Madalena part of the neighborhood, has 73m² of floor space and 3 bedrooms. Compared to the average apartment in the area this place is on at the larger end but the bedrooms are small. The condominium charge is R$375, slightly under the average for the area and for this there is an outdoor playground and communal space but no swimming pool.

Average apartment area: 55m²
Average Condo fee (per month): R$450

Popular with students due to the proximity of one of the city’s largest universities, MacKenzie, but also an established family area, Higieonopolis is a very desirable zip code. In contrast to Pinheiros there are fewer apartments on the rental market in the area. However, it is easier to find more bedrooms though they tend to be small. Already linked up to the metro system, traffic can still be an issue due to the area’s central location.

Example: This apartment here on Alameda Barros is large for the area at 70m² and is located perfectly for the subway, MacKenzie University, local amenities and restaurants. With wooden floors throughout, plenty of storage space and a small but compact kitchen, this 2 bedroom apartment is a great find for the area.

Average apartment area: 50m²
Average Condo fee (per month): R$500

Bus service along the busy streets, photo by Milton Jung/Flickr Creative Commons License.

An area not as yet featured as part of the look at property in São Paulo, but with the greatest amount of choice in the city in this price bracket is Perdizes. One of the most densely populated areas in the city and home to a large Catholic university, Perdizes lies to the West of the city center. On a good day, it takes about half an hour to reach Avenida Paulista, however, traffic can be a problem and the area is not that well served by the metro.

Example: Located on Rua Cardoso de Almeida this apartment has three bedrooms and polished wooden floors throughout. Light and spacious, with 135m² of living area, the apartment is superbly located for local amenities.

Average apartment area: 95m²
Average Condo fee (per month): R$380

The Jardins:
One of the most sought-after areas to live in the city, The Jardims, has expensive restaurants, exclusive bars and extravagant boutiques aplenty. However, despite being only moments from the financial heartbeat of the city, congestion can make the journey frustratingly slow especially during a summer evening’s rush hour storm.

Example: This one bedroom apartment is located on Rua Bela Cintra, one of the most central avenues in the area highlights that your money can go quite far in the city. As you might expect, it is location rather than space that you get for your money here, however, this 50m² apartment has plenty of storage space.

Average apartment area: 45m²
Average Condo fee (per month): R$550


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