By Oliver Bazely, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – The second article in our series on renting apartments in Rio focuses on the kind of apartment you can expect to find for R$2,500. Again, we will examine the rental market in five popular neighborhoods; Ipanema, Copcabana, Leblon, Flamengo and Botafogo. Prices were taken from

The view back across Leblon to The Lagoa and Sugarloaf Mountain shows the wide variety of apartment buildings available, photo by Jake Gordon/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

Ipanema is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Rio, with high class shops, restaurants and the famous beach running along its length, accordingly, the cost of renting an apartment is among the highest in the city. For R$2,500, expect an 80m² apartment with one to two bedrooms.

Example: This 70m², two bedroom apartment on Almirante Sadock de Sá has been thoroughly renovated, and features fitted furniture throughout. The building is located at the end of the street, abutting a rock-face, so is relatively quiet. There does not appear to be any balcony, or shared amenities, which may be found in comparable apartments in this price range. There is also a monthly R$506 building charge. This apartment may be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 80m²
Average rent per m²: R$50

Leblon is Rio’s most sought-after zip code, but with high demand comes high prices. R$2,500 is sufficient to rent a serviceable one or two bedroom apartment here, although it will probably be less than spacious, and have restricted views, or be along a noisy main road.

Example: At R$2,700, this first floor apartment may stretch your budget slightly, but it has all of the essentials. There is a bedroom and small living room with dining area, all squeezed into 45m². There is also a car parking space, and it can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 55m²
Average rent per m²: R$50

Copacabana is the very heart of Zona Sul, but with good transport links comes huge traffic congestion, though it is serviced by three Metro stations. It is popular with tourists so lacks the refined atmosphere of Flamengo and Ipanema, and has a reputation for some seedy streets. R$2,500 is sufficient to rent a 65m² apartment in a centrally-located building. Many are targeted at tourists, so are already fully furnished.

Example: This 60m² apartment features two bedrooms and a small living and dining area and comes with some basic furniture, including double beds. The master bedroom is of a reasonable size, although the guest bedroom is only a little bigger than the bed it contains. The listing can be viewed here.

Average apartment area: 60-70m²
Average rent per m²: R$28

Flamengo's apartment buildings crammed together as the favela overlooks from the hillside, photo by Joe Hodge.

Botafogo is a popular area with students and increasingly families, but suffers similar traffic problems to Copacabana during peak hours. Rio Sul Shopping and Botafogo Praia Shopping are two excellent malls in close proximity, and there is certainly no shortage of bars and restaurants to keep residents entertained. Apartments in the R$2,500 price range are a more spacious 80-120m² on average, and can be found with two or three bedrooms, fitted kitchens and bathrooms and pleasant views. Many will also feature private balconies or terraces and communal facilities such as a pool.

Example: Located on Rua Pinheiro Guimarães, this 87m² apartment features an en-suite master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a single parking space. There is a balcony, although the views are not particularly exhilarating. The building has both a shared pool and a shared football pitch and can be seen here.

Average apartment area: 80 – 90m²
Average rent per m²: R$23

Flamengo is another of Rio’s high-rise neighborhoods and very popular with families with its quieter streets and proximity to Centro. On average, apartments available for R$2,500 are, as with Botafogo, of around 80m² and feature two or three bedrooms and a modern fitted furniture.

Example: This 90m² apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and well-maintained parquet flooring throughout. The kitchen features fitted furniture, modern appliances and a breakfast bar. There is a small terrace although views are restricted, and it can be seen here.

Average apartment area: 80m²
Average rent per m²: R$35


  1. Am I understanding that this apartments are funished (basics like table/ chairs / sofa /beds) , because the first apartmen you listed is on an awfull street and that rock it backs up to is toped off with a favela that has been known for gun fights – otherwise the price is way out of line. right around the corner is the new elevator to give the favela access to the new Gen Orsorio metro station. NOT a quite location.


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