By Saira Ansari, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In the past we have covered rental options in the range of R$1,500, R$2,500 and R$3,500 and also discussed neighborhood qualities. This week we take a look at a higher price range of R$5,000 a month and include condominium fees in the total sum. For this amount renters can find ample choices in Zona Sul (South Zone), which tends to be more popular with most foreigners.

Ipanema beach on a calm day, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Ipanema beach on a calm day, photo by Armando Lobos/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

Even among the many options available, though, only a handful seem in a condition worth spending so much money over. Prices also do not include the “seguro fiança,” a type of renter’s insurance often required for long-term leases that can be equal to two or three month’s rent and paid upfront.


Ipanema remains one of the most popular beach locations in Rio, with more exclusive living than that of Copacabana. Rentals are high but the new price range allows for better choices.

Example: This 78m² two-bedroom apartment is located just one block from the beach and is very close to the bustling center of General Osorio and the metro. It has great hardwood floors, modern furnishings and a small veranda. There are two bathrooms, one en-suite. The rooms and kitchen have wardrobes and cabinetry, and the service area has a washing machine installed. Maid’s bathroom and two-car parking space are also included in a total rent of R$4,905 with another R$172 in property taxes.

Approximate average apartment area: 99m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$50


In our previous examples we have mentioned that Leblon has perhaps been the most expensive location to rent in due to its exclusivity and a more residential lifestyle. Added to this, it is still the closest in proximity to Copacabana and Ipanema and shares with them its own beautiful beach in the same stretch.

Example: This 90m² two-bedroom apartment has great wall and floor finishes and is furnished tastefully. There is one en-suite bathroom and another social one for guests, and the laundry area is already fitted with a washing machine. Space for a maid and a maid’s bathroom and a garage is included in the complete amount of R$4,895.

Approximate average apartment area: 80m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$62


Copacabana remains the top choice for tourists and many expats alike, and a rental search turned up countless apartments in the area. However, careful sifting is required to locate a quality apartment that corresponds to the money being paid.

Example: This 100m² three-bedroom apartment is a spacious, unfurnished offer for R$4,600 and another R$150 in property taxes. The rooms have gorgeous ceiling-to-floor picture windows along with air-conditioning units. There are two bathrooms with luxury showers. Rooms and kitchen have cabinetry installed. Space for a maid and a maid’s bathroom and a garage are included in the complete amount. Building has a swimming pool and is close to Lagoa.

Approximate average apartment area: 95m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$51

Botafogo at night, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Botafogo at night, photo by Márcio Cabral de Moura/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.


There were some really good apartments available with ample space, newer fittings and beautiful vistas in this price range for Botafogo, an area which is swiftly becoming a favorite for renters.

Example: This 110m² three-bedroom apartment is unfurnished, is spacious with large picture windows and has hardwood floors. There are two bathrooms, a laundry area, maid’s area and car parking included in the total R$4,535 with an additional R$145 in property taxes.

Approximate average apartment area: 98m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$46


Flamengo had lots of spacious apartments on offer in this range, but we selected one with picturesque vistas to make the most of the location’s buzzing streets and views of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Example: This 210m² three-bedroom apartment is the largest space discussed in this article and a great option for families for R$4,950, with an additional R$392 in property taxes. It has stunning frontal views of the Guanabara bay and the back overlooks a mountain. This unfurnished space has a large living room, two en-suite bathrooms and wardrobe and cabinetry is installed. Kitchen includes pantry closet.

Approximate average apartment area: 154m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$31


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