By Saira Ansari, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Following up on previous articles listing places for rent in Rio within the R$3,500 and R$2,500 monthly rental price range, we now look at what is available for the lower amount of R$1,500. The focus is still on the more popular areas of Zona Sul (South Zone) for foreigners, but with the real estate and rental prices rising considerably in the last two years, the choices are limited within this range.

Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Copacabana beach, photo by Roberto Moretti/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.

Prices do not include significant condominium fees and IPTU taxes, which can add an additional R$250 – R$400 per month in this proce range. Also not included is the “seguro fiança”, a type of renter’s insurance often required for long-term leases, that can be equal to two or three month’s rent and paid up-front.


Ipanema is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist destinations of the city, however, it is also perhaps one of the priciest options. The area has a world famous beach and the neighborhood is brought alive by the countless young and beautiful people that throng its busy bars and restaurants. At this budget it is nearly impossible to find an apartment rental, and it is more realistic to look into roommate options.

Example: This one bedroom apartment is furnished and located at Rua Saint Roman, close to the metro station. Details are limited in the listing, but the apartment can be inspected upon a visit. It is available for seasonal rent for R$1,400 a month.

Approximate average apartment area: 40m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$52


Owing to Copacabana’s popularity as the ultimate tourist destination the year round, it is one of the harder areas to find a spacious or furnished apartment for rent in this budget. Oftentimes the rent does not include additional cleaning charges or taxes. However, several unfurnished apartments are up on the market for rent.

Example: This 36m² one-bedroom apartment is an open plan apartment on the main Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, two blocks from the beach. At R$1,500 per month rent, it is also one of the few apartments in this range with a view of the sea.

Approximate average apartment area: 35m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$42


Leblon is a more exclusive neighborhood and has been identified as Brazil’s second most expensive real estate location. The neighborhood begins where Ipanema ends and has been the preferred choice of residence for many expats due to several reasons: It is much more quieter, cleaner and spacious in comparison to the more touristy areas of Ipanema and Copacabana but at the same time is only a stones throw from them.

Example: This 40m² unfurnished apartment is slightly over the budget and comes in R$1,800 a month. It seems a very good option for a very affordable rate in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city.

Approximate average apartment area: 30m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$55

Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, News
Botafogo, photo by Marcus Guimares/Wikimedia Creative Commons License.


The neighborhood of Botafogo is being upgraded with various development projects all over. It is located between Copacabana and Flamengo, but it is relatively cut off from all sides by mountains. It does have its own metro station and public transport is adequate enough. Recent additions like the Rio Sul shopping mall, many new restaurants and a bustling nightlife have lifted the spirit of the area. Praia Botafogo has great views of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Example: This 35m² one bedroom apartment is located on the Praia de Botafogo. It is fully furnished, has wardrobe space in the bedroom and the floors have ceramic tiling. The kitchen has a granite sink and is equipped with a refrigerator, stove and microwave.

Approximate average apartment area: 42m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$32


This upper-middle class neighborhood is located between Botafogo and Centro and is famed for its Art Deco architecture. Flamengo is home to Brazil’s largest urban park, which runs alongside the Guanabara Bay and has three major museums situated within it. There are three metro stations in the area and plenty of good transport links. Due to these plus points and its proximity to  popular tourist attractions across the city, this area is also rising in popularity for both locals and foreigners.

Example: This 55 m² one bedroom unfurnished apartment is based on a quieter street of the busy neighborhood. At R$1,500 per month this apartment is close to the subway and shops and also boasts a winter garden. The kitchen,on the other hand, is not of a very high standard and may need work.

Approximate average apartment area: 38m²
Approximate average rent per m²: R$37


  1. 8 years ago i lived in rio zona sul… where else can you live in this city without have the feeling im in africa, i keep asking myself?

    …anyway, before the lula era, rio was affordable, after the lula era, all of brazil as became a country without VALUE.

    extremely expensive, poor quality in everything you can image from services to products, this is today one of the lowest value for money country in the world.

    bring loooootsssss of money to live or visit brazil today…receive a african standart type of service and accept a brasilian smile.

    the mainstream media manipulated all people in this country so much, that now everybody thinks they are richer then they were 8 years ago.

    great if you own a bank, terrible if you have debts like 99% of the brasilians and dont have a clue of basic mathematics.

    1000 usd…1000 euros rent a month, for a piece of garbage its the rule today in town.

    welcome to rio.

  2. I agree with the above. Noone knows what to charge anymore so they just keep raising prices. But it is coming to an end. This year at Carnival, there were many many aartments left unrented, or which rented at 1/2 price at the last minute.

    Also, due to the high prices, everyone and his mother is renting out apartments….so there are many new apartments in the market.]

    If anyone can figure out how to go short on apartments in Rio…..he or she will earn a fortune.


  3. What i pay here for a SMALL flat in copa i can get a 2 bed house in the UK for this!! Rio is turning into the monte carlo of south america. wait and see!!

  4. hello guys!!
    it would be nice if someone could help us? we need some infos and useful tips! :)

    4 of us from serbia are planning to visit rio (we have some capoeira event) in july, for whole month!

    we thought the best option might be to rent an appartment…, it seems like the most affordable option?

    anyone has any idea of how we should organize all this?? in your opinion, all the useful infos for ‘estrangeiros’ are more than welcome, as well!! :)

    thanks in advance!!

  5. I was in RH in 2010…around June. I rented in Copa for $1500 reais. It was great. But now must be so expensive.


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