By Mary Carroll, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The 2012 London Olympic Games closing ceremony on Sunday starts at 9PM (4PM in Rio) and ends with an eight minute Brazilian performance to symbolize the passing of the banner to the city of Rio de Janeiro. The show will attempt to combine as much Brazilian culture into the eight minute slot as possible, with the participation of many Brazilian celebrities.

Part of the Brazil team performing in the 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Part of the Brazil team performing in the 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony, photo by Wander Roberto/Rio 2016™.

Art Director Daniela Thomas said that the main aim is to show the diversity of Brazil and to give people a taste of the real Brazil. Thomas emphasized the importance of showing Brazil as a mixed-ethnic culture.

“We want to present a multicultural and multi-ethnic country. For centuries we have mixed and we embraced it. And that will be presented in eight minutes, which is a challenge.”

Thomas went on to say that the participants also shared the desire to represent the country to the best of their ability.

“Many volunteers attended the rehearsal yesterday (Thursday) and it was very touching to see how they were moved.”

Those taking part will include singer Marisa Monte, singer from Velha Guarda da Portela; Renato Sorriso a COMLURB (Municipal Urban Cleaning Company) employee, traditionally part of the Rio Carnivals; the rapper Bernardo Santos, BNegão; singer (and City of God actor) Seu Jorge; international supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and Olympic champions Maurren Maggi (Women’s long jump) and sailor Robert Scheidt.

There will also be eighty-two drummers – ten are from Brazil, twenty dancers from a London samba school, sixteen Brazilian native Indians, sixteen Brazilian capoeiristas, twenty members of a maracatu group, sixteen dancers and eighty gafieira dancers.

All of which should make a vibrant and attention-grabbing show, leaving the audience in anticipation of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics to come.

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  1. Would be crazy to see Duran Duran perform “Rio” when Brazilians make their entrance at the closing ceremony!

  2. I was honestly disappointed with Brazil yesterday during the ceremony.
    Brazil is much more than Carnival and Samba.
    I do hope that Brazil is able to show to the world the REAL Brazilian creativite and not a commom place, as it was yesterday.
    Big disappointment!

  3. Looking forward to Rio already, Brazil IS much more than Samba and Carnival, but this wasn’t the place to show it.

  4. Brazil’s presentation was absolutely fantastic, 8 minutes of pure bliss, I loved it. 2016 may not be the most organized games, but for sure it’ll definitely be the most fun.

  5. Good luck Rio and Brazil :-))

    Olympics a lot of fun and I’m sure you will be wonderful hosts!! J (GB).

  6. It was a great show! Brazil is samba, Carnival, natural beauty and fantastic people. Why not to be proud of what we do best? Dont worry the world knowns tha we are great country and 2016 Will be amazing!!!


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