By Mary Carroll, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Monday the Olympic flag arrives in Brazil and Brazilian musicians have come together to create an anthem for the occasion. The song titled “Os Deuses do Olimpo Visitam o Rio de Janeiro” (The Olympian Gods Visit Rio de Janeiro) will be Rio’s theme tune for the 2016 Olympics.

Seven musicians were selected to record the 2016 Olympic Games theme song for the city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Seven musicians were selected to record the 2016 Olympic Games theme song for the city, image recreation.

The project was the initiative of the local goverment. Kassin, the producer of the song, was chosen from a group of sixteen competitors that included the likes of Pedro Luís and Marcos Valle.

“The idea was to have a song that could be an informal theme tune for Rio. Something pop, not nostalgic” says Kassin.

Kassin explains that the seven musicians were specifically chosen as representatives of Carioca music. The song features the likes of Arlindo Cruz, Zeca Pagodinho, Mart’nália, Thalma de Freitas, Diogo Nogueira, Mr. Catra and Ed Motta with more than a hundred other artists forming the choir.

“The mood of celebration was in the studio” enthused Kassin.

Arlindo Cruz revealed that when he and co-writers started penning the song, the first thing that came to mind was an imaginary visit from the Greek gods to the Olympics in Rio. “Rio has a great tourist destination, is a place that everyone wants to visit” says Cruz.

Director of the video, Estevão Ciavatta, said that upon hearing the song he wondered who would embody the gods in Rio and he jokes that he then set about “the casting of the gods.”

Amongst the cast were Fernanda Montenegro, Martinho da Vila and actor Rodrigo Santoro of movies such as 300 and Love Actually. “Everyone was in the Olympic spirit and [stepped up to] participate” says Ciavatta.

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  1. Hey, Good Luck to Rio & all Brasil for the 2016 Olympic games! It was really nice to see the Olympic flag en route to Rio after very happy & friendly games in London. The challenges are huge, the song sets a great tone for the challenge at least. I wish you all the best!

  2. It’s good to see there is a building momentum for getting prepared for the 2016 Olympic games! Besides the artists,who are usually on the leading edge for generating momentum, how is planning going for the various venues? I’d like to attend the games in Rio and hope all preparations are going well! I read conflicting accounts of how projects are proceeding. Any insights?

  3. hi guys, I’m talking here of Brazil, and have to say that preparations are great for 2016 …. I hope you all come to our ca beauties to behold …… sorry that you guys have not seen the carnival and samba to see how …. iram you guys come in season funk: with mc Guime, among others …. hope you can bring with you to beyonce and shakira … kkkkkkk. kisses. for all … you guys are good at every sport I just want to see the volleyball, you guys win Brazil … kisses personal


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