By Robbie Blakeley, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Seleção (Brazil national team) were unceremoniously dumped out of the FIFA World Cup after being thrashed 7-1 by Germany at the Mineirão this evening (July 8th). A sensational six minute period in the first half saw the Germans score four goals, snatching away Brazil’s hopes of a sixth world title, not to mention a first on home soil.

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Brazil suffered their worst ever defeat after losing 7-1 to Germany, photo by Jefferson Bernardes/VIPCOMM.

Germany simply had too much. Before the tournament there was much talk of the Maracanazo (curse) of 1950, when Brazil lost the final 2-1 to Uruguay. This was worse. The heaviest defeat in the history of the World Cup semi-finals and the heaviest defeat the Brazilian national team has ever suffered.

Cheered on by a packed house, the wheels came off the hosts’ bus in spectacular style. Thiago Silva and Neymar were missing for Brazil but no one expected the humbling that was so brutally dished out. As each goal went in it felt like an out of body experience. The cameras panned around the stadium to looks of incomprehension and grief.

Germany went ahead after eleven minutes. Toni Kroos whipped in a corner and Thomas Muller, inexplicably unmarked, calmly volleyed home. Marcelo tried to surge forward down the left flank but was excellently checked by Phillip Lahm, but then Miroslav Klose doubled the German advantage and the floodgates opened.

Less than 60 seconds later Lahm’s cross was mishit by Muller. The loose ball fell to Kroos, who rifled home from the edge of the penalty area. Brazil were now 3-0 down and the fans barely had time to register what was happening. Fernandinho lost possession, Sami Khedira teed up Kroos and the fourth hit the back of the net.

The hosts were now in a shambolic state and the worst was not over. Before the half hour mark, Germany had made it 5-0. Mesut Ozil centered for Khedira to coolly slot the ball past a beaten César. The game, and the day, was now as good as over.

Andre Schurrle added two more after the interval before Oscar scored a consolation for the hosts. By then, though, the damage to this Brazil team had long been done.

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  1. Perhaps players are paid too much and they no longer have the backbone to rise to the occasion when there is a set back. They folded and gave in. No excuse

  2. Brazil needed another Spanish referee that allowed dirty plays to stop the Germans the same way as they did to the Colombians. Besides needed to null a goal, but one out of seven is the same as nothing.
    Brazil without external help as in the inaugural game that was awarded an unexisting penalty was nothing.

  3. USELESS bunch ball chasers they became the worst ever team in world cup history to lose 7 yet they have 5 stars …..the coach must be fired and the team rebuilt they have shown that football has died in Brasil and they where given they last Cascade for them to be a simple team like Peru or The Island of Papua the differrences is they have 200 million pple …what a shame for a nation….now u know why Kaka ,Robhinho,Ronaldinho were needed on that team as much as Klose is still at Germany…..Bye Bye Brasil for the next 3 world cups u wont even qualify…..bunch of soccer chasers

  4. I watched this game in New York until Goal #3. Then I had to walk away. It was like watching a pro team play with a high school team. What happened, in my opinion, was a collective mental breakdown, something I have never witnessed before in a sport or otherwise. My deepest sympathies to Brazilian but let’s also acknowledge how good the German team is… they are superb, 100% perfection.

    I wish US would have made it through. Now in hindsight, it would have been a better match.

  5. where is Ronaldinho , missed him badly. The guy who has ability to cut through defenders. I still remember his role against england semi in world cup.

  6. Germany outplayed them like 1000 times. Brazil never had a good team, they won previous matches because they were lucky or because they fouled the players in the other team. They got a deserved beating!!

  7. What does one say when in an utter state of shock? Mind numbing…this brutal loss makes no sense to me. Here in Canada there are a lot of Brazil fans who in the midst of this shock are brokenhearted. This hurts. I feel so much for the guys. It appeared to me that no one could console Oscar. I could almost feel his pain. I still love this team. This loss does not change my genuine affection for them.

  8. Lets not speak about Scolari anymore. We knew he doesn’t understand soccer. Otherwise he would have taken a different squad where at least Ronaldinho, Kaka would have fitted into the team. However Scolari is not the only person to be blamed, where is the person/group of persons who gave him the responsibility to coach?
    Its not about losing a match, its how you loose it. It is with Brazil & Brazil. What do the Brazilians want?? By losing match the way they did, Brazil broke all records. Brazil has to come out with a thought, passion, skill and beauty to show the world in the coming years whether they believe in soccer or not?. If they believe, then please discard the think-tank, which do not understand soccer and have no idea what they are doing. We now need soccer revolution there.
    Having said that, I cant help asking one thing though. Brazil has produced some excellent players over the years. Cant they produce some good coaches????
    It may sound out of place at the moment, however I believe this drubbing was necessary for Brazil. The way Brazil soccer was evolving for the last few years, we need a paradigm shift for Brazil to rethink about soccer and the way they are going to play for the years to come. New Brazil think tank should know that Offence is the best Defense.

  9. I don’t know if Brazilian football is on the decline. But I do believe that the selection of this team marked a turning point.

    In the confed cup they fouled Spain to win and that should have been the warning sign. It was ignored by scolari. They struggled in the early rounds and against a decent columbian team they fouled their way to a shakey victory and some of their fans resorted to racist comments towards the Zuniga.

    The team was overly one dimensional-neymar- which brings me back to their selection mistake: no kaka, no robinho, no ronaldinho, each of which I think is better than either Fred, Bernard or perhaps Oscar. The least is that neymar could have found a playing partner

  10. So sad to see that match go the way it did. Silva’s loss was major more so than Neymar. Heads up the sun will come up tomorrow.

  11. i am writing from india and i was a fan of the jogo bonito but what mr scollari did is destruction to the jogo bonito. he discarded robinho, ronaldinho and kaka for his own egoistic self. we pray to god to let the Brazilians rethink about their jogo bonito instead of European power futbal they are preaching now. let this world cup disaster be a boon in disguise for them and for us thousands of Brazilian fans who support from every corner of the globe who want the magical futbal from brazil.

  12. With so much of this dialogue riddled with complaints about bogus plays that changed the course of events, it causes me to comment on the “flopping” problem that puts an embarrassing black eye on an otherwise beautiful sport. You don’t have to be a serious fan or student of the game to quickly recognize that players flop so often that the sport’s referees only get the whistle right (on any form of contact) about half the time.

    As Adam Silver, the NBA’s commissioner put it, “when fans talk more about officiating than the outcomes of games, you’ve got a problem…” He is advocating for some kind of replay system like the NHL has, where key plays are reviewable and corrections are made within the course of the game. Under Silver’s proposal, flops like Wade made during the finals would be penalized during the course of the game, not after. If soccer followed his lead, the same problem would be eliminated –very quickly. It would be difficult at first, but the problem would not only go away, the flow of the games would improve, and the officials would become less of a factor in their outcomes.

    While we’re talking about it, no one got jobbed worse than Mexico!

  13. I knew that the Germans would do a blitzkrieg on Brasil…..just didn’t expect such a lopsided score…..but then I knew that Brasil was over rated and full of themselves… good job Deutschland!

  14. ilike brazil futbal but at this game was all wrong.some of other persons say where is kaka,ronaldinhio and other brazil good scolary is not the best manager to get brazil world champions.remember in first game japonise ref has give to them free penalty and mr neymar had put his arm in croatian player face and hi had only yello card.this is not end the germans are the best in this world cup.let see in final if them win against argentina first or holand.

  15. @Gary You are absolutely correct. Scolari has really proved one thing. You should have an age cutoff to coaching too. Otherwise senility takes over and you have no football sense. I knew from the first match of Brazil and wrote in FIFA blogs that it will be immensely difficult for Brazil to lift WC.
    I saw somewhere Scolari commented that the players panicked after a goal. Did not he see this coming from the previous games Brazil played? That proves my earlier statement. Brazil has been always associated with attacking flair. Look at the irony, when most of the better teams today are playing attacking football, the so called Brazil tactician decides to go for defensive tactics!!!!
    I am also aware that Scolari or his type will try to defend themselves that if they had succeeded then his technique would have been lauded. Theoretically it may be true, but one thing should be very clear, everyday you cant win on lotteries.
    I think if Chile/Columbia was on Semifinal s their encounter with Germany would have been more thrilling instead.
    Really very very sad.

  16. I’m a fan of Brazil in every WC series. Marginal lose doesn’t matter me too much but this semi-final made me sick with the competition is held at home ground! I’ve to agree with chaldor kuzur senior that veterans Kaka / Robhinho / Ronaldinho should be in the team. Now without Naymar and Silver, Brazil was humiliated by a big big margin, everyone knows, unthinkable.. I don’t believe my eyes!

  17. Well Mr Scolari, you changed my, many of ours lives today. Football will never be the same for us.
    For 20 years from 1982 -2002 WC each year Brazil played a soccer which could have potentially earned them the WC title every year(earned twice though). However from 2002 onward there was a dramatic shift in the style and it climaxed yesterday and proved that you are all wrong for the last 12 years. You don’t know your country’s football. Mr Scolari for God’s sake leave football for football’s sake. Brazil, go back to basics and bring in people who can bring the SAMBA back. Maybe we can then expect a day in distant future when we may forget today’s game.

  18. I love Brazilian football.I think experience is a big factor for this team.Most of the players are inexperience.I hope nobody can win world cup with inexperience team.So,prepare for next world cup-2018

  19. It’s a shoking day for Brazilian, at their home ground they had play like ” little kid play with a professional footballer.” After 1920 with Urugua ( 6-0), this is the most kidish performence by so called BRAZIL……

  20. These type of things happen. We just have to accept it. Brazil will rebound. They as a team have broken many hearts, this time it was thier turn. I dont thing Germany played that well, it was Brazil which crumbled. They will be a better team in future.


  22. @Asiafan: Well you know what, it is not only about Ronaldinho/Kaka/Robinho/Coutinho. It is about how you look at soccer. At least for Brazil it denotes how you want to get represented. In soccer Brazil has been the epitome of whatever beautiful artwork, immensely passionate and exciting is there in the game. To counter European power play,we have seen that for the last decade maybe, a bunch of so called tacticians framed an idea of their own to develop a ugly defensive play. Now if this play gives success nobody dares to question it. But the question is it has it??? The proof lies in today’s game. To cite an example we saw the tikitaka tactic of Spain failed this WC, which was successful last time. So the Spanish need to change it.
    The reason majority of people all of the World are Brazilian fans is not due to the fact that they have lifted the WC 5 times. It is because the beautiful brand of soccer they represented for all these decades.
    Will anybody remember Brazil for this WC. Neither they are Champions nor they played any soccer. We loved Brazil and that is the reason we are crying,sad and angry today.
    Brazilian style needs to change and go back to the attacking SAMBA art-form. Base your play on that and build tactics,maths whatever you want to combat the power play. There is no alternative. My humble request to Brazilians, Brazil fans, and people who matter is to take deep breath, think, introspect and take decisions to start the attacking flair. And most importantly take the decision ASAP.

  23. Sorry, but the Brazil team played like my country’s team – Malaysia, a bunch of sissy chasing balls instead of pro football.

  24. Just shocking! Brazilian football just does not have the great flair the world associates with Brazil anymore – now they are just ordinary and mediocre. Brazil is going to lose a lot of fans around the world if they don’t go back to what they were. The support they have is a hangover from their glorious past and this result will hasten a terminal decline in that support. Goodbye Brazil.

  25. I am writing from Myanmar and one of the fans of Brazil footaball team. I was really despaired badly with the match result. However everythin is findished and the only the they should do is to focus how they are going to reform the team in future. I have been waiting for Brazil’s victory since 2002. Since then I didn’t see Brazil style play games just like in 1994 when the team was led by Romario, Bebetto,… I really want to see the team in yellow shirt to play beautifully with Brazillian football style and the team to be succeed. I wish every person who has the accountability can ammend that hole in time for Brazil National Footaball Team.

  26. The problem was they didn’t have Silva he was captain and led the defense. They were completely out of place even on the first goals without him.,add that they didn’t have Neymar and they crumbled in horrible fashion. No way you can keep the coach. This was also a weaker Brazilian team compared to past World Cups.,they need more .

  27. from Miami, Brazil did not deserve to lose the way they did; they are a much better team than that. Yes, Germany is probably the best team of the WC, however, Brazil has been affected by unavailability of their leaders. Neymar may not have made a difference on defense, but losing him and Silva is like losing Lebron James and D. Wade to the heat. They are the firepower, the emotional oomph, and a reason why some of the least mentally tough-minded team players could have folded when faced with adversity. I hope Brazil’s loss does not ignite negative actions on Brazil as a country and culture, as Brazilians are some of the most kindest and humble people I have ever come to know. While my personal interest in the WC has not faded, losing Brazil as a contender is nevertheless painful, and cannot imagine what it means and feels to the locals that have dedicated so much time and effort to their national pride. I hope they come to understand that this is just a game, but knowing Brazilians personally, I know it’s much more than that. Thank you Brazil for giving us a WC for the ages. Love, a Fan.

  28. Well done Germany, you maximise fully Brasil’s flaw after the loss of Neymar and Silva’s suspension. I am a Brasilian true and true and have been fan for a very long long time. It was heartbreaking to watch here in Singapore, players like fred, hulk, alves, fernandinho, oscar was a big letdown the start of the tournament. The players failed to show up and step up in my opinion. Having said that Brasil will bounce back.

  29. “Oh my dear Brazilian team, what have you done. When i was watching this match, everyone else was cheering for Germany and I was so alone …. could not even cry…You broke my heart… and you know what, I am not even Brazilian.. :-(“

  30. Without help from the Referees and the FIFA corrupted directors .
    Brasil was an accident waiting to happen , it is not the loss , but how limited the entire team was , from players to coaches and exec directors of the Selecao.
    There is one game left to play , hopefully there will be some shame left and it will show .

  31. Below is what I wrote on FB at the half way mark of yesterday’s match:

    “Had Neymar been playing in this match, the outcome would have been the same, except maybe the number of goals. Neymar not playing, gives Brazil an exit route, a readymade excuse.

    The fundamentals of selecting a team for a country like Brazil needs to be revisited. This team never had the potential to even reach the semis. Blind supporters like us would have supported an even worse Brazilian team; however that’s not what Brazil plays for.

    As the saying goes “nothing succeeds like success”, so it was all good till now; but now Scolari will surely have to answer tough questions regarding the exclusion of Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho, etc.

    I hope they travel to Russia with a better team.”

    To add to it, I am from India, a country passionate about their cricket. But when it comes to football the whole nation gets divided into 2 halves – Brazil and Argentina. For people like us, when it comes to football, Brazil replaces our India emotions and we are as passionate to see Brazil win as the Brazilians sitting half way round the globe.

    I think first and foremost, the Latin Americans (Brazil, Argentina, etc) should decide whether they want to preserve their fluent style of playing football or do they want to just be like another European team playing hard tactical games. Brazil and Argentina should immediately stop sending players to play in these European Leagues, so that these talents don’t get exposed. I know its tough for the players’ finances, but certain moves need to be taken keeping the country in mind.

    The next thing should be (like everyone above has said) to change the selection committee and the identifiers of talents in Brazil. They should start preparing for the next WC from now itself, if they are to regain some lost grounds, although the shame that was inflicted yesterday will take centuries of effort to be completely erased from memory

  32. I never seen Brazilians playing like this, when I went washroom n come back 5-0, really shocked

  33. Bad Day, forget the past, its not easy though. loosing one match badly doesn’t mean its end of Football for Brazil team. Better luck next time.

  34. Each player on the Brazil squad had to justify about 500 million in wasted investment. No one can withstand that pressure.

  35. This Brazilian team is like no other. They were not playing Brazilian football, almost trying to play european style football. There were players in the team that should never have been in there. What did Fred do, yet he started every game? Hulk, just can’t pass or shoot, he should have played a supporting role. Such a shame……… there were lucky to get this far. I’m heart broken that there was less Brazilian and more of something i do not recognise from a Brazilian football team. I’m sure they’ll be back…. i hope to see them next time, flying the flag for Brazilian skill, flair and passion – and have better belief in themselves as a team.

  36. I’ve never imaged that Brazil will be defeated in such a way. I thought, if Brazil lose the game goal difference will be 1 or 2. But last night (Bangladesh time 2.00 a.m) Brazil completely surrendered to Germany (as orphan boy). Although I’m big fan of Brazil team.

    Now, it’s time to learn from this game.

    Again good wishes to all Brazilian people & national team.

    From Bangladesh

  37. Ah, for the days of Zico, Socrates, Falcao and all. And yet even at this world cup there were players such as Kaka, Robinho etc who were left out by arrogance, possibly, by Scolari who adopted a different style for Brazil. And yet no way should they have lost 7-1 to Germany, who have been flattered by this. They will be brought down to earth by the Dutch who will surely win it.
    Yesterday, any of the other 30 teams in this world cup would have scored 4-5 goals against the display put up by Brazil. This had little to do with Germany, who were good but really needed not to be that good. And all the while they were pining for Neymar when all knew he would not be there no matter what. No doubt it put immense pressure on the rest just like in France ’98 when the Ronaldo ‘fit’, made Brazil play like the ‘walking dead’ and lose out 3-0 when they were the best team. Yes, as many have said Brazil need to go back playing the beautiful game the beautiful way – the true Brazilian way like in the days of Zico albeit with a better organized defense.


  39. I saw the whole game and what i think happened was, Brazil was so hyped up to the extreme by its country and its fans worldwide who had total expectancy for Brazil to win their 6th World Cup and nothing less, ESPECIALLY with them being the host nation of the 2014 World Cup and all, were just brought back down to soccer reality by an unbelievable, outstanding and relentless German team that wouldn’t stop attacking, scoring and blocking and Brazil just got totally lost, dazed and confused and they could no longer recover the moment they were behind because their not used to falling 2,3,4,5,6,7 goals behind. That’s all!

  40. I am personally believe this is KARMA on Brazil and its fans for being the bunch of rude jerks they are. Booing all the visiting teams and mocking all of them. Especially Spain, England and who knows what others. I can see the faces of all those that were mocking the teams.. now on the floor.. because your team suffered the WORST defeat in history in a semi final!! awesome. your team is not only the worst of the tournament.. the worst in history. You brazilian fans need to LEARN some humility and welcome the visiting teams that come to your beautiful country. You treated Spain, its team and its fans like dirt. Booing and making gestures to the bus. Treated England with no respect.. Now.. our turn… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…. 7 and you got 1 because the Germans stopped playing in the second half. Just to let you boys get one so you dont jump off the christ redeemers top. Humility.. After this world cup, I realized you brazilians are a bunch of dirtbags and will never ever visit your country. You are a bunch of winey sore losers and sore winners.. You have no football team.. you have no team. The worst showing ever. PentaCampeon? PentaCACA.. PentaCrappola…Yeah Spain and England got eliminated but left with honor just like many champions have in the past… you guys left as a disgrace to the football world and an embarrassment. You could only win with the ref help. You beat a bunch of.. ok teams that almost beat you.. but the moment a heavy weight showed up… you were done.. KARMA.. KARMA and KARMA.. next time learn humility Brasileiros…

  41. Thank you Germany. Was never a fan of brasil, never will be, 5 times winner of the World Cup made brazil arrogant and full of themselves.. They shouldn’t even win the first match against Croatia.

  42. Scolari is the only one to blame.. he ended carriers of great players like Ronaldinho, Kaka etc. And he wanted to have the world cup just picking a high school football team which included Fred, Barnerd and Dante… Just look at germans , they have very good team in every way possible. Who is Bernerd ?

  43. It was great, amazing, fantastic,,,, Germany played like I’ve never seen before, no dirty tricks, no pretending, clean and powerful. I just have to say that Brazil was in the semifinals thanks to the help of some referees an of course, Fifa, so they just got what they deserved. And not to mention the ugly behavior of the Brazil supporters, they didn’t respect the other teams at all, even when the national anthems were played they were screaming and being disrespectful. Sorry to say, but yesterday lot of people was happy to see Brazil so humiliated.

  44. Heart broken fan from Pakistan, only watched first half and might be doing the same if was in the stadium after the historic worst performance by my favorite team.

  45. I was completely flabbergasted while watching the worst football match ever. Like the fans at the stadium millions or should I say billions of fans around the world also cried for the ill performance of Brazil, whom we believed to be the best football team of the globe. But they have let us down completely.
    Down with Scollari, whose ego has let all of us down. Why didn’t he consider Kaka, Ronaldinho & Robinho who are the gold players of the Brazilian side. Scollari forgot the old saying, OLD IS GOLD.

  46. Germany’s team is very strong and the can lead the match. We should be honest that they are more strong than Brazil’s team. They will be champion! I absolutely love Geramany’S team!

  47. Hi i am from India, i had been always teaching to my sons about brazil dedication on football which had given them a special crown above the world, but what is this mr scholari jad killed jogo. Bonito rarher he had murdered it, from now onwards brasil should learn a quick lesson that their speciase own style football is world famous, better to adopt that not the european one

  48. I am writing from India and like all Brazilian , we Bengalis love this wonderful game right from the core of our hearts. I am a die hard Brazilian fan right from my childhood – starting from the days when the great PELE played against our beloved MohunBagan Club. Though only the WC semis and the final were broadcasted in 1978, I watched every single WC match thereafter when Brazil played, Great footballers like Zico, Falcao, Gama Junior & Socretes of ’82 & ’86, Dunga, Careka, Romario & Bebeto (their famous lalaby dance) of ’90, Cafu, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho & the little master Rebeto Carlos of 2002 and todays great players like Kaka and Robinho.
    What I feel from my little knowledge of this game is that my Beloved Brazilian team lacked the killer instinct this time. Cheer up as this is not the end. You people are producers of classic footballers as no other nation can and I strongly believe you mighty Brazilians shall come back in style with your Samba football and dictate every nation whom you face in the coming days again. Best wishes for you for 2018.
    Neymar Jr get well soon and prove the world that you can as Maradona came back from ’82 and proved in ’86. Show the world that 2018 WC belongs to none other than the Brazil. CHEER UP AND GEAR UP.

  49. The German team is well organized, experienced and trained, and many are young, fit and they deserve the cup. They played clean without fouls or abuses and deserve the respect too.

  50. There is a whole area in Karachi, Pakistan named Liyari where people are die hard fans of Brazilian team. They were shattered by yesterdays performance. I personally sided with germans since they are playing emphatic and cultured football. However majority of Pakistanies were along with Brazilian Team.
    Never mind hard luck for you guys but the arrangements seems superb. Well done

    From Karachi Pakistan

  51. I am from Mumbai and one of those million soccer fans who are strewn across the globe, admiring Brazil’s “jogo bonito” brand of football. But what happened yesterday was mayhem.
    It will forever remain as a nightmare in the collective psyche of all Brazil fans!

  52. There has been too much fuss about Brazil – even before the first kick of the tournament was made. They were doomed as Champions even the manager Scolari had that in mind to lift the trophy after 7 games – this is not the way football is though! Too much dependency on ONE player can only harm the team. There was no collectivity in the team. It seems Brazil had no plan B. They did not had players to do the job, when things were going against them. Until yesterday, things were going in favor of them; getting out of group stage after being a poor side of Brazil likening. Getting past a brave but unlucky Chilean side. Getting past a brave but unlucky Columbian side. Luck just died for Brazil yesterday. And full credit to Germans. They played as professional as they could. They never relaxed. Worked hard. They were looking to score goals even they were five nil ahead at the halfway through. The commitment. The desire to win. The hunger. A hugely deserved victory to the best team in the tournament and a true champion – I hope they win the World Cup.much

  53. I am a Brazilian soccer fan, from Zambia, in Southern Africa. We watched Brazil play Germany last night and were all too shocked at the humiliating defeat. How could this have happened as if the players had absolutely no clue about Germany? This defeat is unforgivable. It has broken our hearts. The Brazilian FA should also shoulder the blame for allowing the arrogant coach Scorali, to choose a team which was not good enough. Why did he leave the more experienced players such as Ronaldinho, Kaka, etc, who could have been game changers? He relied on Neymar, and when Neymah was not there, the entire team had no creativity. A 2-0 margin would have been alright, but 7-1? Not even our national team, Chipolopolo, who won the Africa cup in 2012, can suffer such a defeat at hands of the best teams in the world. How will your government justify hosting the World Cup, with this defeat? Remember, the government fought protestors who argued that the money spent on building stadiums could be best used in building homes and other infrastructure for the urban poor – and with this terrible defeat, they were right. What a way to repay these people!! In Africa, or Zambia, in particular, we look to Brazilian football for inspiration. No we are reeling with pain because Brazil lost so badly…It really hurts.

  54. I am from Bangladesh, Uff, Brazil broken our hearts. A Big tragedy for me. Scolary down the team. We misses KAKA, Ronaldinio.

  55. A great loss to the great team……but they should be bold enough to overcome this defeat…….German played better than Brazil……Brazil’s defense is very weak……….

  56. Brazil fan from Pakistan.what happened last night it had to happen.some seniors should have been in the squad. Scolari’s ego took the team down.and honestly any team who depends on individual performances ,after injury it simply sinks.

  57. I am so far from Brazil..70% people in Bangladesh are Brazil football team supporter since independence.I am also Brazilian Football team supporter.But last night what happen with you Brazil !!!! 7 goal !!!! We are shocked…people are cried…people too much upset….


    Plsssssssssss……Come Back… :'(

  58. its not about losing the match.big teams sometimes loose their big matches.but the way,brazil lost to germany, it was humiliating.brazil lost her prestige.brazil lost her image.brazil lost her fans across the world. brazil football is on decline.u cant live on laurels everytime. brazil coach was overcofident about these young guys team. brazil team had no mentle strength.germany klose is 36 years old. kaka is 32 and ronaldhino is 34. german team was mix of young guys and old guys. but brazil coach made a huge misttake by not choosing kaka and ronaldhino.

  59. Sadly, the beautiful game was dormant this football cycle. This team was not very good and we all knew it before the tournament. I believe it was the 7-1 that shocked us all. The Selecao owes an apology not only to its country but to the tens of millions of fans worldwide that expect excellence if not a decent effort on the pitch. This debacle should never be seen again! When the 5-time champions play like inept school children, in a semifinal, at home, there is cause for alarm. German excellence aside, this display was disgraceful at best.

  60. Brazil deserved to be humiliated because if this did not happen they would’ve continued to think that they where almighty! Instead this will help in the reconstruction of the NEW Brazil. On the hand you have to take your hat off for the way Germany have played this game, ruthless, diligent, precise but most importantly THEY PLAYED AS A TEAM….! Understand Fred-Hulk-etc etc. You guys just reach a shooting length and bang you just shoot into anything hoping something will happen…not so! You have to use your brains and some of the brain power was missing like Kaka, Ronaldiho etc. Skill, brain power and experience was totally missing today…

  61. I was broken hearted to watch the anguish amongst Brazil’s fans.
    I don’t think that any unbiased fan really expected Brazil to go all the way once the games started. The quality of play just wasn’t there.
    And, had the game ended 12-0, I would believe most of the comments above.

    The Seleção had a collective shock and were in disbelief for 5 minutes. After that, they held their own against a better team for over an hour.
    This business of replacing Felipao is part of the problem. They need to stick with a man who is 1) a patriot, and 2) a proven coach and allow him to build a better institiutional Seleção. Just as Germany has had Low for 3 WC’s now.
    I’ve lived in Brazil for 3 WC’s now. Each time with a different coach. Clearly that approach hasn’t worked.

    Let’s hope that Brazil can build upon a great coach, a much better infrastructure of stadiums and this needed shock to win 2018 in Moscow.

  62. Well, that is true that Brazil lost very badly, sadly, and they got the nation let down in the SF match. But the credit for reaching in last 4 should not be taken away. One side has to loose, nit in a manner that Brazil lost. But, the magic must have got “reversed” actions. All the sympaties of Pakistani nation with our Brazilian brothers and sisters. Now e should support Germany against who so ever, to prove that Brazilian lost its SF with the best ever team!

  63. Brasil do play dirty in the colombia game. Brasil need to learn play pretty and real soccer whiteout external help. This is is Karma Karma. Colombia finish the game with honor and brasil humiliate

  64. i can`t imagine why so many good football nations are totally paralyzed and powerless when they play against germany. the german team plays not more as well as other nations too. so what`s the reason and makes the different??

  65. The still were talking about Samba-football instead off slaughter football. I did not hear the Brazilian fans when they were playing Colombia in an awfull way. The should be an example but they forgot all about football because of a stupid sentimental nationalistic mentality. My goodnes, what a simplistic players. Maybe they now feel realy sorry for the disadvantaged people in Brazil. Maybe the can help rebuilding the houses that were smashed because of the Worldcup 2014. It would be anice gesture to put smiles on the faces of the Brasilian people as the sobbing David Luis and Scolari so much wished for.
    The Germans have done the Brazilians a favour, samba!!!

  66. Sad for the home team, even if I didn’t cheer for them. I think that this game doesn’t really reflect the Brasilian team. They were just pounded by the pressure and lost it on the first German goal. Too much pressure released after that first goal and from there, they lost track of the game… If Argentina loses tonight, we could have a very emotional consolation game that could steel the show on Sunday…

  67. I congratulate Brazil for hosting a truley awsome world cup. Football results are sometime like the weather and could be unpredictable!.
    Brazilians rejoice in your hosting achievement and transcend last night result. At worst consider it as an accident….
    I have no doubt it will be behind you soon.

  68. I watched the Brazil play the first time against Columbia. About 1/3 into the Columbia national anthem, the Brazilian fans intentionally made noise to drown out the sound of the Columbia’s anthem, so classless. I started rooting against them immediately. I was so pleased to see the classless fans crying yesterday. Justice served :)

  69. As I am Algerian, we played Germany; we took them to extra time;they suffred a lot; but I got shocked…I couldn’t believe what’s happening to Brazil Seleção. Till now can’t swallow it that Brazil lost 7-1..I am asking Scolari.. Did not you find at least a way to prevent the Germans to scor more goals??? at least They loose 2-1 but 7-1 it hurts.. it hurt me a lot as I am Algerian and I love Brazilian footbal rather I die of it…
    Why you did this Scolari?????

  70. Lets put this in context. Brazil have dominated world football for decades and played hundreds of games with breathtaking performances displayed regularly. Unfortunately there was a 30 min period in the first 45 minutes of this game that highlighted their current squad weaknesses.
    One of those weaknesses is having a compelling reason to succeed which was glaringly missing last night. When Brazilian footballers start playing with the hunger and passion displayed by Pele, Jarzinho, Ronaldhino and those other greats they will return to the world stage and glory.

    Also….may i ask a question? Brazil have had a big shock and will react very strongly in their next game….
    with that in mind would like to play Brazil next????

  71. Stop blaming Scolari. He doesn’t lace up boots and play. This Brazil side was immature and not as good as the Germans in any case. When things got tough, they quit. Losing, though hard to take, can be forgiven. Quitting is never forgivable.

  72. This defeat is very hard to accept. I am totally devastated. But then, I am no more devastated than those who played in the field, their manager, 200 million Brazil Nationals and countless Brazil supporters throughout the world.
    I am not losing faith in team Brazil, though. I hope this team will rise from the ashes as the proverbial phoenix did. #StillABrazilFan

    – A die-hard fan of Brazil Football Team from India

  73. It is time for FIFA to disappear a new entity for football should be created, Brazil wold cup was a scam, as it’s going to be Qatar; Money is the only drive for them, their efforts to push Brazil into wining as a host has ended up yesterday as the greatest humiliation in the history of Football!

  74. Hi there, I’m from Pakistan, Brazilian fans. don’t lose heart, U have lost the match but have won many hearts with your superb stadiums which at one time looked impossible and off course lively spectators !

  75. I couldn’t watch the 2º half………

    Am now hoping for an Argentina v Germany final……….

  76. I am and have always been a huge fan of Brazilian Samba style of football. It is like watching football art! Granted, that this time we had a team comprising of young players, but they are relatively good young players with lots of energy. I am extremely shocked and I feel for all the wonderful people of Brazil about the game last night. However, I must say that I am very puzzled about the series of events that almost seem unreal… First, Neymar is out of commission with a “Fractured” vertebrae.. second, it appeared that Thiago was almost asking for a yellow card by going after Columbia’s goalie the way he did… and then yesterday, the Brazilian defense seemingly allowing so many goals against their team and the players in general playing what seemed to be like programmable robots rather than professional players…

  77. Hi i am swarnavo dutta from india i am a great fan of brazil . But last match with the germans was a nightmare for brazil and for its fans as well. it was a world record against the was a third class football from brazil . Our strength is the samba football which we have forgot to play. and it is the main fault of scollari the coach of brazil. he has destroyed the brazilian foot ball which is the most famous type of football in the whole world.

  78. Kind of reminded me of the Blitzkrieg at the beginning of World War II. Unstoppable, relentless, unforgiving, ruthless.

  79. Really missed the likes of Renaldo, what a team that used to be when they graced the pitch; but I think it was positively German’s day. Better luck next time Brazil.;

  80. i m from bangladesh. what a shocking moments i have past. scolari is a very bad coach. why he don’t consider kaka, ronaldinho, robinho. the team he selected, it was really school team. and i think brasil is really deserved that result. 7-1 . but i wish brasil please come back and proof u again that u r the mighty brasil.

  81. The audacity what Scolari who showed in picking a flawed team, asking the journalists to go to hell etc completely stemmed from the Brazil Football Confederations idiocy, lack of thought and too much dependence on some old people who just have no football sense. Inspite of their age what did Ronaldinh/Kaka/Robinho lack compared to Oscar/Fred/Ferdandinho/Paulinho?? Did Scolari & Co had no idea that selecting a very young and inexperienced side in a World Cup at home had to bear excessive pressure. Were they that much mature to take the pressure??? The answer that they were not
    was clear very much from the ominous Marcelo goal in the first match itself. So the warning bells were
    very clear from the Brazil Croatia match itself. The way Brazil started to project itself as the best
    defense with star strikers and so on is just a floated stupid man’s senility. However the problem is that since this man Scolari gave a WC in 2002, he and we all started to feel that whatever he is doing is correct and he will deliver a magic. Indeed he has done magic which is clear from the 1-7 drubbing which may take another century to heal.
    But for us, the fans all around the world who have loved soccer because Brazil played soccer,
    my humble request to the authority in Brazil who takes important football decisions, please take a break,
    go back to the basics and start rethinking. Brazil’s football had been one of the beautiful
    things on earth and don’t make it ugly by putting some jerks in charge.

  82. DUDEEE! Scolari PLAYED FRED AND DANTE!!!…really!!!! I actually am still struggling to believe that Brazil has this kind of shit players. I think any street player from Brazil would be a better option than these two. Come on Brazil. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!

  83. For me Best Team from Brazil was in 82. After which was never impressed with the squad they put up.

    Anyways Brazil will come out of this insulting loss to Germany.

    Congratulations Germany, Better luck next time Brazil.

  84. I’d like to thank the people of Brazil for hosting this tournament even though your team sucks.

  85. Hey there from Germany. In my opinion, Brazil goes with too much feeling and too little professionalism in this World Cup. It takes more to win a tournament of this format than to love his own country and folk. Sad but true :-(

    I thank Brazil for hosting the World Cup this year! In 4 years we meet again!

  86. Brazilians believe that they are the best in the world ,yes !! the best of the worst in the fifa 2014 , shame in their own home ,they deserve it !

  87. Thanks to Brazil for that great evening yesterday! B-)
    In 4 years we will meet again and you´ll get your chance to make your mistakes from yesterday forgotten. ;)
    I´ll hope your fans are with you in the last game of this WC and will give you a fair farewell. :)
    Good luck!!

    Greetings from Cologne / Germany

  88. We Germans love Brazil and brazil football is always a ideal for us. Dont be sad look forward!
    You can always be proud of Brazil!

  89. Some time ago I questioned myself as to what it is about football that brings millions of people globally to watch a 90 minute epic played out in front of supporters with a round ball. It’s not just entertainment and for many it’s not just sport because the crowd becomes a part of the event. Furthermore, there is something that appeals innately to our humanity, as though much of what we experience in life plays out in front of us, encapsulated by 90 minutes on a rectangular pitch. We identify with players and a team and suffer the heartache and elation, the failure and success along with our team. In the current World Cup I’ve also seen much compassion; not only between players on the same team but between opposing players. This speaks much of our humanity. I personally felt great compassion for the Brazilian players and supporters after the defeat to Germany on the 8th July. If I could have given you a hug I would have. However, great teams and clubs have risen out of tragedy(I am a Manchester United supporter). To become strong one has to know the taste of failure and disappointment. I am sure that Brazil’s players and supporters will rise again; the samba will play and the beautiful game will continue.

  90. I feel like a lot of Brazilians could not understand its past history. Its a long time ago 1950, people said in the street. In which many of the people were already saying Hexta Campeon. In the advertising, in the media, in the streets. Winning the world cup before the final whistle blew. Sounds familiar? Reminded that the Brazilian psche didn’t learn from 1950. Its a bit arrogant of some of the people I met in Brazil while I was in Rio. Those who said. Don’t worry we will win. Brazilians said- Bye , bye, to every other country when those countries lost. In the end , sportsmanship and humbleness won. Germany didn’t really celebrate the win that much. Lessons from the past. Thanks for a great time in Rio.

  91. Hello from the land of the Maple Leaf Philip (Unsworth). I thought your submission was very eloquent. Well said. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. A hug? That made me smile–both my wife and I are “natural born huggers” :) Honestly, all jokes aside when I saw how upset Oscar was I was greatly moved and that is exactly what I would have given him if I could have. But then again I have a soft spot in my heart for him. I do not know him on a personal basis but I believe that he has a good heart that compliments his soccer/football skills. I had made an earlier comment in which I said that I had felt betrayed by these boys. Well, perhaps the words ‘let down’ would be better used. Our hopes were so high for this team and then to see them crash in such an ugly fashion it was lke having the rug pulled out from beneath us. But as I have said, I still love this team. I am not one to “love them then leave them’. I am in this for the long haul and I will not have it any other way. Once again Philip I enjoyed your post and warmest wishes to you from Canada.

  92. Brazil’s humiliation began long before the game started. It began the day the government decided the $30 BILLION could be better spent on a two-week dog-and-pony show, rather than on things of lasting benefit to the population, such as alleviating poverty, reducing crime, improving education, health care and the like.

  93. I absolutely agree with you S. Wolf. In 2006 my wife and I were robbed on the beach at Copacabana. I was really angry and if I had a gun I probably would have used it. However, I’m glad I didn’t have a gun because on reflection I could see what the social problem is – anyone with half a brain could. There is a huge disparity in wealth. If you walk along the beach it is there staring you in the face with huge blocks of apartments behind razor wire, guards and security cameras. Those that have lock out those without. Later on the flight out of Rio I read a Times article about disparity in wealth. I didn’t realise it but there are indices to measure this disparity and to my surprise Brazil was at the top of the (OECD?) list in terms of greater disparity; the USA came second by a country mile. So yes S. Wolf educational opportunity for everyone and free access to health are the key. Also I don’t believe in the trickle down theory – the money brought into Brazil through soccer tourism will largely benefit the wealthy and little will find it’s way into the pockets of the poor. As for the Brazilian wealthy – share your wealth through taxes. In soccer parlance the less well off are a part of team Brazil so share that ball of money. This way you may eventually be able to dispense with razor wire and enjoy the company of fellow Brazilians in team Brazil.

  94. After the 1st goal the Brazil team gave up…..couldn’t get organized and looked shocked that they got punched in the face…..after the 2nd goal they stopped playing…..they looked like spoiled children who’s Mom told them that they were great and always right and were surprised when they found out that you have to work hard for success….no leadership… imagination….too much HUBRIS……they thought that just that famous blue and yellow uniform is what made them great…..


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