By Robbie Blakeley, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Neymar is out of the FIFA World Cup after breaking his back in the 2-1 win over Colombia. The Seleção No.10 has netted four goals in the tournament so far and has arguably been his country’s best players in their run to the semi-finals.

Neymar will miss the rest of the World Cup, Brazil, Brazil News
Neymar will miss the rest of the World Cup, photo by Jefferson Bernardes/VIPCOMM.

Brazil team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said: “It’s not serious in the sense that it doesn’t need surgery, but he’ll need to immobilize it to recover. Unfortunately, he’s not going to be able to play.”

Just a few minutes before the final whistle, Colombia defender Juan Zuniga caught Neymar in the lower back with his knee. The Barcelona star was forced to leave the game on a stretcher and in tears.

His absence leaves coach Luiz Felipe Scolari with an enormous selection headache ahead of Tuesday’s monumental match against Germany at the Mineirão. Neymar is Brazil’s leading scorer in the competition with four goals.

Bernard, Jô and Willian are all in contention to replace the Barcelona starlet next week. Whoever plays, the hosts have been dealt a massive blow after reaching the last four for the first time since their most recent World Cup win back in 2002.

Nemyar has been the target of several tactical fouling ploys by sides in the World Cup. Prior to kick-off against Colombia he was already suffering from a minor thigh injury after Brazil’s second round penalty shoot-out victory over Chile.

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  1. This makes me sick and grieved. I am praying for our beloved Neymar. I am thoroughly delighted with the victory over Columbia but his injury makes me sad. I love Brazil–these guys are in my heart. I hope that the team rallies around him and that he heals well. I will miss him greatly in the game against Germany–not just because he is a valuable player but because he has a good heart–I want nothing but the best for him.

  2. Juan Zuniga act with high knee impact on Neymar is worst than the biting incident and should punished by Fifa in simillar fashion to avoid players turning into kung fo or kick boxing exponents on soccer field

  3. It is indeed a real pity that Neymar is now out of the tournament at this very late stage due to an unfortunate back injury. Having said that, Brazil should still succeed without him. One player for me that has stood out in the past two games in terms of mettle, playing his guts out and being very much a team leader, is that of David Luiz.

    In last night’s game against Colombia, David Luiz was absolutely brilliant. He charged up and down like a raging bull on cachaca both defending and attacking. His set piece goal was a gift from god. He was all energy and even though his style of play is not the most graceful, his heart “it don’t ever stop”.

    This is an asset that the selecao needs most, because unfortunately, players such as Neymar in my view are a bit fickle and his performance against Chile was not his best. Plus he is being marked all the time by the opposing team.

    Big Phil must now strategise and pick a team that can re-kindle last night’s magic of short passes, strong defending and intelligent attacking, but also a team that has the balls to rise to the challenge and does not go to pieces, when things start going wrong, which will happen with Tuesday’s game with Deutschland.

    Raging Bull David Luiz is one of those magic players who can keep it together under extreme pressure.

    Forca Brasil para o mundial numero 6!!!

  4. I am a proud Canadian. However during this World Cup I align myself with Brazilians with some genuine emotion. I tell friends jokingly that if I could
    transfuse Brazilian blood into my veins I would! Seriously though the injury to Neymar was like a punch to the gut. There is no excuse for kneeing somone in the back–none. An attempt to injure is dispictable and classless. Most of all it is unmanly.

  5. I am surprised that no mention is made of how the jogo bonito looked more like ice hockey playing on grass. Scolari should be blamed for sending in a bunch of thugs to play futbol!

    Besides, the match was fixed! FIFA wants a final with some combination of Argentina, Brazil, and Germany.

  6. Prosecute zuniga over the injury and fifa give him a right punishment to avoid this type of ox play.Neymer lost his full fill the dream of golden boot and whatever.

  7. I am from Pakistan, when it comes to football for me it is Brazil every time. I just love ever thing about Brazil. Very saddened by what happened to Neymar…..what really gets me is that The Dutch who introduced this sort of play get away with it every time, without yellow,cards or injury. I pray for Brazil to do it. Come on Brazil you can do it….somebody has to now stand up and deliver!

  8. If Luiz Suarez can be banned a few matches after FIFA viewed the incident after the game then the same must be applied here.Say no to racism and FIFA must take the lead.

  9. Brasil’s tactics of fouling to stop sides counter attacking and the willingness of the refs to let it happen has opened the door for these types of injuries. The style of play has allowed other teams to foul back but Brasil is still winning with the most fouls in the cup.


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