By Robbie Blakeley, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Fluminense have signed a contract with the Maracanã SA consortium last week to use Rio’s Maracanã Stadium for the next 35 years. The new chapter in the Laranjeiras outfit’s history gets underway next Sunday, July 21st, when they host Vasco in the Campeonato Brasileiro classico.

Fluminense Sign Maracanã Contract, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
After signing a contract with the private consortium that owns the stadium, Fluminense will play at the Maracanã for the next 35 years, photo by Rodrigo Padula/Creative Commons Licence

Flu will never have to pay anything to play at the stadium and will take a share of profits on match days. The club will have two sources of profits at the Maracanã: tickets and sales from an official Fluminense shop to be built on the site.

Regarding tickets, the Tricolor will have 43,000 seats, behind each goal and in the corners of the stadium, available for sale. Profits from the more expensive seats in the middle of the arena, alongside executive and VIP boxes, will go to Maracanã SA.

In addition, Maracanã SA will also keep monies from shops, bars, restaurants and parking around the ground. The Fluminense president Peter Simensen said the contract was favorable to the club.

“We haven’t invested one real in the Maracanã and we will begin to make a profit immediately. Our expenses to play there are zero and we will have the profits of 43,000 seats,” he said.

“It is a great pride for all Tricolores to return home. Fluminense can now plan a future at the Maracanã. This is fundamental,” Simensen concluded.

Flamengo has yet to close a long-term deal but yesterday (July 12th) it was announced they inked a an agreement to play in the stadium until December this year. The club will see the inside of Maracanã again in a classico against Botafogo in July 28th.

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  1. Hi,I am traveling to Rio in November and would like to attend a match at the Maracana, I believe Fluminesse play São Paulo on the 17 th and I am wondering how easily it is to purchase match tickets when I arrive there .


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