By Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Wednesday, November 14th, Skate Total Urbe (STU) put on one of their many skate competitions at Barra de Tijuca, hosting some of the best skateboarders in Brazil. The organization holds many more competitions all over Brazil, including: Floriónoplois, Sāo Paulo and Saipiranga.

A competitor is caught sticking a trick on the first day of competition, Oi STU Open, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
A competitor is caught sticking a trick on the first day of completion, photo internet recreation.

Launched grandly in 2017, the STU platform celebrates the essence of skateboarding, promoting the major skateboarding competitions in Latin America with the biggest names in skateboarding today.

In 2018, the STU Qualifying Series has a total of eight stages, in the male and female categories, four of Street and four of Park. The stages are carried out in different states across the country and add points for the national ranking. After the four stages, the eight best Brazilian skaters of each category were automatically classified for the Oi STU Open competition.

Other than the competition the organization, brings along with it many other exciting events such as, music events, the STU store, the gallery and more, which you can find on their website.

The competition has both the bowl event and the street event, which are both exciting and thrilling but very different types of skating.

With this particular competition came an improvement in infrastructure to the park, which skater Rodil Ferrugem was impressed with and said, “the track went through changes that were very beneficial for the skaters. Now we have many options, obstacles for those who skate with their right or left foot, so it is perfect because it is equal for everyone.”

STU keep their audience updated via their Instagram page, which is filled with updates about their event including the workshops they are holding. For those who would like to catch the last two days of the competition, it can be found at “Praça Duó” – Praça São Perpétuo, 735 in Barra da Tijuca.


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