By Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Sunday, December 16th, the 24th edition of the Neptunes Regatta, which ends the season of sailing in Brazil and determines the national champion of the Brasilian Association of Sailboats of the Ocean (ABVO) will commence at Guanabara Bay from 1PM.

ABVO, Sailing, Boat, Brazil News, Brazil, Rio, Rio Times, Rio Sport, Sport Guanaraba Bay
Sail boats battle it out on Guanabara Bay at last years Neptune Regatta, photo by ABVO.

The competition has confirmed the presence of boats from Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi as Angelo from Peter Siemsen, Sorsa from Celso Quintella, Maximus from Commander Ralph Rosa, Duma from Haakon Lorentzen, Master of Admiral Casaes defending his title.

Commodore of the Brazilian Association of Sailboats of the Ocean, Adalberto Casaes, told Brazil Sail News: “The Neptunus Regatta will be the last of the national and Rio calendar and valid for the State of the ORC Rule. In the state the Maestrale leads by only three points ahead of the Santa Fe boat.

Adding, “The Maestrale has been a State Champion three times and will try to raise this caneco for the fourth time.”

ABVO confirm that there will be approximately thirty boats and two hundred sailors are expected in the race, which will pass through islands near the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The competitors will be divided into the categories of Offshore Racing Council, IRC (International Rating Certificate), RGS and Cruise.

ABVO, Sailing, Boat, Brazil News, Brazil, Rio, Rio Times, Rio Sport, Sport Guanaraba Bay
An ABVO sail boat glides across the Guanaraba Bay, photo by ABVO.

The 24th Neptune Regatta will be a battle for the national vice-championship of the Brazil ABVO Cup, of the ORC class, between the Maestrale and Santa Fé with only three points between them. The leader with the national title practically guaranteed is Bravíssimo 4, by Luciano Sechin.

As well as a closing event of sailing in Brazil it is also to honor the Mirsky competition, which was created in 1995. Sailor, Sérgio Mirsky is one of the greatest sailors in the history of the country and the has the largest number of miles covered in regattas by Brazil.

The sailor was a pioneer in bringing the fiberglass boat to the country in 1968, which reinvented the sport forever.

André Mirsky – Sérgio Mirsky’s son told local news outlet O Globo, “The Regatta is named Neptune because it honors my father who always sailed in boats named Neptune, I, II, III, IV, V and so on, which were boats that shone for sixty years in South America.”

Adding, “He participated in all races and this created the myth that he is the most frequent athlete in the sport, which generated strength for the sailing community in the 70s and 80s.”

He was no longer as helmsman however, was instead in the position as leader of a group that respected him and admired him as a teacher of the art. By passing his experience to the younger generation he has helped his boat obtain an unequaled series of Blue Ribbons.

In the last five years he suffered numerous health problems but went against all recommendations, which resulted in a medic being present for most of the regattas that Neptune participated in until his death in 2005.

André Mirsky is grateful for his father’s influence on the sport and says, “I was born in this environment, and sailing since my 25th day of birth. I will be a professional sailor because of this.”

Registrations are still in progress and can be made by the email


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