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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The lawyer who represented the 26-year-old woman accusing Neymar of rape rescinded the contract with the client, alleging she lied.

According to the lawyer, "out of anger or revenge," the woman accusing the soccer player
The woman accusing Neymar does it out of anger or revenge, says her former lawyer. (Photo Alamy)

According to José Edgard da Cunha Bueno Filho, of the São Paulo law office of Fernandes and Abreu Advogados, the sexual relationship between the Brazilian national soccer team forward and the woman was consensual, and she had reported to the lawyers that she had been assaulted but did not mention the crime of rape.

The Jornal Nacional disclosed the letter of termination signed by the lawyer.

In it, Bueno Filho affirms that the accuser registered, on May 31st, “a report in which you stated as a fact that you had been raped; that is an allegation totally dissociated from the facts described by you to our associates, since you always stated that the relationship you had with Neymar Jr. was consensual.”

In another section of the letter, Bueno Filho adds that the victim reported that during the act Neymar turned into “a violent person, assaulting her, that being the central fact (assault) for which he should have been civilly and criminally responsible.”

According to the lawyer, “out of anger or revenge,” the woman accusing the soccer player related in the accident report “facts described in disagreement with the reality manifested to her defense team, that is, she came to the police station, reporting that she had been a victim of rape, when, in reality, what had been manifested and ratified to us several times, was that she had been a victim of assault.”


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