By Georgia Grimond, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Azul, Brazil’s largest independent airline, is offering its customers traveling from U.S. to Brazil a choice of two unlimited flight packages. Known as Azul Air Passes, the deal opens up all of the airline’s one hundred routes in the country for US$299 for ten days or US$399 for 21 days.

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Azul’s Air Pass gives travellers the option of over one hundred destinations in Brazil, photo courtesy of Commons License.

Given the vast size of the Brazil the offer makes financial sense as even two relatively short trips, say from São Paulo (Azul’s main hub) or Rio to Salvador, back and then to Foz do Iguaçú, would set you back close to the price of a ten-day pass. If you wanted to travel further afield to the North East or the Amazon then the 21-day pass is ideal.

“The Azul Brazil Air Pass is another market-leading innovation with the best value there is to see and experience all the wonderful sights and attractions that Brazil has to offer,” said David Neeleman, Azul’s founder and CEO. “When you consider our lowest fares from Florida to São Paulo/Campinas start at just $499 round-trip, now you can spend 10 days seeing all of Brazil for less than $800. That’s incredible value and there are great deals on hotels and transfers via Azul Viagens (Azul’s travel agency) starting at $165.”

Some restrictions do apply. Travelers must originate from the United States and fly into Brazil either with Azul (from Fort Lauderdale or Orlando) or with United (who fly from more destinations). It is a short-term, one-off deal, on sale until November 30th.

Brazil, Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Azul, Azul Air Pass, Unlimited Travel, Flights, Packages, Foz do Iguacu, Pantanal, Salvador, Amazon, Tourism
Through Azul’s package, travelers to Brazil can see the Pantanal, which has different kinds of birds and animals, like these parrots, photo by Dany13/Flickr Creative Commons License.

Travel must be completed by December 15th. Brazil is also entering summer so itineraries are subject to seat availability and holiday blackouts. Air Pass flights are not eligible for frequent flyer points and baggage restrictions apply.

The clock begins from the day visitors enter Brazil so for an itinerary that includes spending time in Rio or São Paulo, it would be advisable to plan that for the end of the stay when the air pass has run out before heading home.

Brazil’s springtime (September to December) is an excellent time to visit the majority of the country. The temperatures in the south and center are hot but reasonable and rain is rare. Many destinations and the beaches of Rio are not nearly as busy as peak summer time and hotel prices tend to be lower.

In the Pantanal, the wild wetlands in Brazil’s west, the rainy season begins in November. To maximize your chances of seeing the many animals, including the jaguar, and birds that live there, go before the rains arrive. In the Amazon at this time of year the weather is hot and dry and is recommended for hiking.

Azul Viagens has a number of deals on accommodation throughout the country, as well as offers on car hire and buying tickets. For more information on the pass, look here.


  1. I travel from Boston to Rio in 1/2/16 and return 1/22/16. at the middle time I like to go from Rio to Porto Seguro one week, what is the special Azul have for me? Tanks for u time.


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