By Bruno de Nicola, Senior Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – Luxury and simplicity are two elements that magically meet in Vila Kalango and Rancho do Peixe, two outstanding eco-resorts on the uncontaminated beaches of Jericoacoara. Here, palm trees and wooden fishing boats contrast with kite surfers and windsurfers on the horizon, all part of the daily scenery of a small village where the only roads are made of sand.

Rustic and charming accommodations, photo by Magalhães.

The ecologically-sound pousadas on the border of the states of Ceará and Maranhão in the North East of Brazil truly represent a gateway to paradise for those wishing to get in touch with nature and the simple lifestyle of the local people.

Vila Kalango is an luxury eco-resort just outside of the town with 24 accommodations consisting of stilt houses, bungalows and apartments all built with local materials. Facing out onto the ocean, the pousada has its very own rustic spa and windsurf school making it the ideal place for those who wish to learn board-sports or simply relax into the local tranquility.

Rancho do Peixe is located on Praia do Preá, a beautiful beach around 8 miles from Jericoacoara. It’s the ideal place for those seeking even greater tranquility and intimate contact with nature. Dunes, palm trees, astonishing sunsets and the sound of waves crashing on the beach are the simple main elements of an essential experience at the resort.

Vila Kalango

As at Vila Kalango, Rancho do Peixe has a beautifully rustic spa with highly trained massage-therapists ready to make your stay even more relaxing, however it also provides a kite surfing-specialized school to complement the windsurfing of Kalango.

Accommodation in both the resorts marries ecology and charming simplicity with the heights of luxury and comfort. The cabins are made of local woods and typical materials from the region, with elements like coconut shells and straw used creatively together to help make guests really get a feel for the simple richness of nature in the area.

Jericoacoara is known worldwide as one of the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to its consistent winds and equatorial climate. A veritable Garden of Eden for people who love board-sports, even catering to those who enjoy sandboarding on the countless desert-like dunes.

At both resorts guests can rent all the equipment needed  to practice their chosen board sports, and in four days the trainers will even help those who have never surfed before to actually get up on the board on their own.

“What we do is offer unforgettable, essential experiences to our guests, more than just a place to stay,” says marketing manager Renata Honorato. “Our accommodations are comfortably rustic and made of special local materials with no fancy designer objects, however at the same time, we offer a very special tailor-made service to all our guests”.

Vila Kalango's stilt house by the pool, photo by Magalhães.

At both resorts, harmony with Jericoacoara’s nature and local inhabitants are certainly highly valued. A strong relationship with the population, mostly fishermen, grants a fantastic experience for guests, who as a result get to taste the true flavor of a simple and stress-less lifestyle. The staff are similarly entrenched in the ways of their unspoilt natural surroundings and make sure that guests have a chance to really get close to and understand the exotic differences of the region’s flora and fauna.

Getting to the secluded paradise does involve quite a ride, however both resorts have a very efficient shuttle service that picks up guests from the international airport of Fortaleza in Ceará.

Vila Kalango – Jericoacora – Ceará – Rua das dunas, 30 – CEP 62598-000 –

Rancho do Peixe – Preá – Ceará – Rua da praia, S/N – 62595-000 –

Vila Kalango and Rancho do Peixe along with Hi-Winds, a chain of watersports stores, are part of the E-group, a company which combines ecological practices with the pursuit of board sports.

This article is a paid advertorial for the E-Group.


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