By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The beaches of Brazil draw travelers from all over the world, and while Rio de Janeiro has the largest name recognition for tourism, there are many smaller and remote beach destinations spread along the country’s enormous 7,491 km coastline.

Jericoacoara, Ceará, beaches, Brazil, Brazil News
Along the northern coast of Brazil, few beach destinations compare with Jericoacoara in the state of Ceará, photo internet recreation.

In the north of Brazil the beaches resemble tropical white-sand dreams, and as one travels south away from the equator the temperature drops and the geography changes, yet still offers spectacular pockets of coastline.

Jericoacoara – Ceará
Jericoacoara is a popular destination for those who love the coast. It has been voted the most beautiful beach in Brazil and one of the ten most beautiful in the world by The Washington Post. The beach of Jericoacoara is part of the National Park and is decorated by magnificent coconut trees, cliffs and lagoons, among the huge sand dunes. Very famous for its beauty, the beaches of Jericoacoara are also sought after by those who love to sail and practice kite and windsurfing.

Tibau do Sul – Natal
Tibau do Sul in the state of Natal is a place for those seeking peace and tranquility. The soft white sand beach is sheltered under tall cliffs and is one of the most beautiful postcards in Brazil. Part of the border of Tibau do Sul is surrounded by Atlantic Forest and considered by IBAMA as an area of ​​extreme biological importance. The diversity of local nature gives tourists many leisure options such as hiking, rappelling, biking, buggy and sea tours such as kayaking, boating and sailing.

Seixas – Paraíba
The beach of Seixas is in João Pessoa, between the beaches of Penha and Cabo Branco. The place, with its narrow sand strip, coconut trees and clear waters, was dubbed the “Brazilian Caribbean”. The tip of Seixas is little visited by tourists, but perfect for those who seek a sea bath in a paradise of natural pools, with a view of the eastern tip of the Americas.

Maragogi – Alagoas
The beaches of the small town in Alagoas impress with beauty and transparency. Surrounded by corals that form a beautiful set of natural pools, Maragogi is a place to be in direct contact with nature. Maragogi has 22 kilometers of coastline framed by coconut trees, reefs, clear waters, fine sand and is very quiet. The exception is the beach that gives its name to the town, full of bars and restaurants, which attract many tourists.

Trancoso – Bahia
The district of Trancoso is famous for its white, semi-deserted beaches. Most of them are protected by reefs and form natural swimming pools at low tide. South of the capital city of Salvador, this oasis has become popular recently with the wealthy and stylish as a remote and rustic getaway destination.

Ilha do Mel has the most preserved Atlantic Forest in the country, Brazil, Brazil News
Ilha do Mel has the most preserved Atlantic Forest in the country, photo internet recreation.

Saco da Ribeira – São Paulo
Jumping past Rio de Janeiro to the south, in the state of São Paulo is Saco da Ribeira beach, located between two of the most famous and frequented beaches of Ubatuba, Enseada and Lázaro. In addition to the schooner tours to Anchieta Island and the waterfront, some marinas offer boat and boat rentals.

Ilha do Mel – Paraná
Ilha do Mel has the most preserved Atlantic Forest in the country and has ninety percent of its extension in the area of ​​Environmental Preservation. The island has trails that give access to several beaches and tourist attractions like the Gruta (Cave), the Fortaleza (Fortress) and Farol das Conchas (Lighthouse of Shells).

Access to paradise is by boat and the island receives a maximum of five thousand people a day to avoid degradation. There are also no cars on the island and the walks are made by closed-walled trails or sandy streets.

Praia de Torres – Rio Grande do Sul
Torres is 200 kilometers from Porto Alegre and gained its name on account of three cliffs, which rise between their seaside resorts. The greenish sea town enchants the visitors for its natural beauties. Among the most famous beaches is Guarita, considered a postcard of Torres. Protected by the towers of the Middle and South, the beach has rough sea and calm sand.


  1. Apart from the rather strange title “Finding the some…” which is not grammatically correct in English I was very disappointed to find so many of the really touristy resort beaches mentioned here as “best” beaches. Jericoacoara and Tibau do sul might have been nice 20 years ago. Forget it now; Maragogi has always paled in comparison to the nearby beaches of Patacho and those around São Miguel dos Milagres for example. Trancoso is prettier than these first 3 but similarly invaded by hordes of people during weekends and holiday times which definitely detracts from the beauty of the beaches.


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