By Michela DellaMonica, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — While Rio heats up and Carnival energy starts to pulse in the summer months, there are spa sanctuaries throughout the city offering some rest and relaxation. From a traditional thirty minute massage on the beach in Copacabana to a reinvigorating session involving exotic oils and salts, there are many treatment options available for indulging all interests.

Spas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
Balance out the central points of your body known as chakras at Deva Rajhy Spa, photo by Cynthia Mendes.

Besides the obvious benefits of getting a massage for relaxation and de-stressing, another benefit is to balance the central points of energy in your body, otherwise known as chakras. At Deva Rajhy spa they offer a chakra harmonization massage to activate the energetic fields in the body and improve the mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

The three steps of the ritual consist of energized crystals and essential oils. It begins with a special and very relaxing massage, then therapist and feng shui consultant Cynthia Mendes uses a pendulum to measure the energy of each chakra.

Finally, crystals are placed on the chakras to improve the balance of the body. “This is the third time this year I’ve received this type of massage and each time I feel like a new person,” says recent client Aline Paes. This intimate session runs fifty minutes and costs R$170. The spa has two locations in Gavea and Barra da Tijuca.

At Eduarda Rodrigues Studio Hair and Spa located in Copacabana, there is an option for a two-part reinvigorating ritual for skin cells. It begins with a coarse salt and rose petal exfoliation massage to remove dead skin cells, resulting in smooth and glowing skin. The second part is a vigorous massage with Thai oils to bolster the muscles. This refreshing session lasts fifty minutes and costs R$200.

Spas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
A coarse salt and rose petal exfoliation massage, photo courtesy of Eduarda Rodrigues Spa in Copacabana.

If exfoliation and a deep massage session isn’t enough, Lavanda Fitness Spa in São Conrado in Zona Sul (South Zone) offers a triple step detoxifying massage. It begins with an exfoliating massage with coarse sea salt to remove dead skin cells while improving the bloodstream.

The second part is a honey gommage session to revitalize the skin. The gommage is a honey paste that is thinly applied to the skin. It sits for a few minutes until it slightly dries then removed from the skin by rubbing. The last part of the session ends with a soft movement rub with a detoxifying clay. The ritual lasts an hour and a half and costs R$200.

In Leblon, Studio Vera Mosconi Beauty launched an anti-stress massage this summer with the essence of sunflower seed oil to combat stress and grape seed oil for cell renewal and to activate the bloodstream.

“The sunflower seeds are rich in minerals and B vitamins, both excellent sources to reduce everyday stress,” says beautician and masseuse Mariah Costa. “The ritual provides an incredible feeling of well-being.” This session lasts an hour and costs R$130.


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