By Nicole Eberhard, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The city of Rio de Janeiro may conjure up images of sexy samba, the world’s most famous Carnival, all night partying, and lazy beach days. However, it is surprisingly also a child­-friendly destination and perfect for a family vacation.

Rio is family-friendly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Rio de Janeiro is a family-­friendly destination with lots of activities to enjoy, photo by Rdj4u.

Brazilians are extremely family oriented and take their kids everywhere, which makes it a child­friendly environment for a family vacation. A range of spaces from tourist attractions, to museums and restaurants, that might not be kid­-friendly in many cities around the world, gladly receive children in Rio. Many also find that the already ­friendly Cariocas are even more welcoming when they see children in tow.

Thanks to this openness to families with children young and old, the main tourist attractions and routes are open to families. An unmissable and iconic adventure is a visit to Sugarloaf Mountain.

Two cable car rides to the top of the mountain, and the possibility of spotting wildlife such as marmoset monkeys will be sure to entertain the kids, and give parents that opportunity to take in some of the most breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro.

The other big must-­do activity for travelers in Rio is Corcovado. This tourist attraction is also family friendly. Opt for the Cosme Velho Train, rather than the bus, and give the kids a chance to enjoy the electric train winding its way up the Atlantic Forest to the top of the mountain where Christ the Redeemer awaits.

For those with excess energy, Rio has enough active resources to keep kids occupied, while also allowing parents to enjoy sightseeing. Explore the extensive Tijuca Forest, with its waterfalls and wildlife, on a T​ijuca Rainforest Jeep Tour.​The open­top jeep makes this tour a lot more interesting for limited attention spans.

Rio’s Botanical Garden is another top spot for families to explore. The extensive collection of plants, birds and rainforest wildlife, large spaces and magical lily pads and hidden nooks are also supplemented by a special area designed for children.

Kids will enjoy visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Kids will enjoy visiting Rio de Janeiro’s main attractions, photo by Rdj4u.

Close to the gardens is the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Here there are many playgrounds and the option to rent bikes or swan­shaped pedal boats. Another option for older children is a b​ike tour ​of Rio’s parks and beaches.

The beaches are also an endless source of entertainment for the whole family. While there are families on most stretches of beach in Rio de Janeiro, Leblon beach is a good choice for families with young children as there is a cordoned off play area, Baixo Bêbê.

Another popular choice for families if Vermelha beach, next to Sugarloaf Mountain, a small beach with calm water. Active kids (and their parents) can enjoy surfing or paddle-boarding lessons on Rio’s beaches on certain beaches, such as Posto 6 on Copacabana.

For cultural activities, Rio de Janeiro has a number of great kid­-friendly museums. The C​CBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil) is a large cultural centre in the downtown area. The centre has everything from a great collection of art, to special exhibits, theatre, music and cinema.

There is also a C​CBB Educativo ​program with special educational activities for children. Another kid­friendly museum is the Museo do Indio in Botafogo. Besides learning about the indigenous people of Brazil, kids can do body painting to decorate themselves as native warriors.

Another fun activity for families is the R​io de Janeiro Planetarium​in in Gávea.The Planetário houses a museum, telescopes and a couple of projection domes, which project thousands of stars onto their walls. There are also exhibitions and shows with plenty to keep both kids and adults entertained.

Rio de Janeiro is a city that will captivate the imagination of kids (and adults) of all ages. With its exotic nature, endless activities, and family-­friendly locals, a trip to Rio is sure to be a family vacation that no one will forget.

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