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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — For travelers visiting Cidade Maravilhosa during the World Cup, or anytime, it can be a little overwhelming to decide where and when to go first. is an online travel and tourism agency that sells sightseeing tours for all ages and types of adventurers, so at reasonable prices, a group of people or a couple can experience Rio de Janeiro at their own pace.

Rio Travel Agency Tours, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
The staff at provides customized tour services, photo by Rdj4u.

Nohelia Sanchez and her husband, co-founders of RdJ4U first began in Buenos Aires in 2008 with “Our love for Rio began in 1999, when I visited the city for the first time. Since then, many of my decisions were oriented towards working with the Brazilian market and in 2008, we arrived in Buenos Aires and started looking for new opportunities in the online tourism industry,” says Sanchez.

“That’s how we created our first website, which offers tours and activities in Buenos Aires, but our idea was always to expand to all the most important destinations in Latin America and of course, Rio de Janeiro was one of those.” and its network of websites is not just about selling tours; it is a multicultural team, whose focus is not only on Rio, but all of South America. “We believe in the potential our continent has, and we want to share it with the rest of the world, through providing information on the key destinations and interesting articles on our travel blogs,” says Sanchez, who is also the marketing director.

Rdj4u works with local tour guide operators when building their custom tour services. “Our goal is to create the largest travel service catalog in the city of Rio, so we are constantly searching for efficient tour operators (big or small) who are interested in creating relationships that will benefit both sides. If there is a tour operator, or independent guide, who provides excellent tour services on a regular basis, we’d like to sell them via our website and bring more customers in using our marketing and customer service expertise.”

Rio Travel Agency Tours, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News
One tour services includes a pub crawl to various bars in Rio, photo by Rdj4u.

“We basically want to create alliances oriented towards providing the best Rio experience for anyone who lands in Galeão Airport, and to show the world that Rio is a city with much more to offer than beautiful beaches and great football,” states Sanchez.

The agency also works closely with its clients in building an itinerary so that all goals are met. “As destination experts, we are happy to recommend any activity and we try to be as objective as possible and make suggestions that fit customer’s needs,” Nohelia Sanchez tells The Rio Times.

“Some customers have already done their research and just purchase the service they were looking for, while others request assistance via chat, email or telephone from our Support Team, who provide them with suggestions on things to do that match their interests and itineraries.”

“Contrary to the belief that travel agents always recommend the products they receive the most commission for, our motto has always been to recommend what best suits each individual. There is no such thing as a perfect itinerary, but there is an activity that fits everyone’s style of traveling,” states Sanchez.

There are a few challenges when making sure business is done in a quality fashion, especially when the goal is to be a successful company. “Quality services in Rio are expensive and the Cariocas’ cultural habits can be hard to accept if the traveler is a first timer in South America, so our challenge is to find a balance between quality and price while maintaining our standards of assistance,” explains Sanchez.

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