By Claire Rivé, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – As summer comes to an end in Brazil, Great Britain is coming into full bloom as the mild spring weather livens up the rolling hills of the famous countryside. Thinking of Britain, one hears seaside sounds from along the coast, as well as the busy London streets packed with restaurants, music and landmarks like the Royal Albert Hall and Big Ben.

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The Sounds of Great Britain interactive video creates the soundtrack to your perfect day, photo provided by VisitBritain.

The ‘Sounds of GREAT Britain’ advertising initiative launched by VisitBritain translates travel daydreams into audio experiences by capturing those things most iconic about Great Britain in sound.

The historic grandeur of The Goring Hotel, the mysterious site of Stonehenge, the joy of wake-boarding in clear waters, the subdued etiquette of picturesque country clubs and humor of traditionally dressed ‘bobbies’ is brought to life by emphasizing their distinctive echoes.

The ‘Sounds of GREAT Britain’ interactive video lets users create their own ideal British break-away with the nostalgia inducing sounds of old clocks, tea being poured into ornate teacups, big moments like Wimbledon’s crowd reaction to Brit Andy Murray’s victory at the grass-court tournament, old steam trains, iconic black taxi cabs and the sweet chiming of Big Ben that aim to create your own personalized soundtrack to the historical destination with the beats of BRIT nominated band Rudimental’s hit “Feel the Love” in the background.

The video shows a modern, proud Britain that has regained massive popularity in recent years. Anglophilia took the world by storm with events like the fairy tale Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the spectacular London 2012 Olympics showcasing the classic charm of Britain on the world stage once again.

Brazil News, Rio de Janeiro, Travel
Let the sounds of the Wimbledon crowd inspire you, photo provided by VisitBritain.

The Britain of today is more diverse than ever as the sounds from the LoveBox festival, the crackling of a fresh Indian papadum, an orchestra concert and the last gulps of a pint being drunk in an old English pub in the ‘Sounds of GREAT Britain’ video show us. The history and internationally emulated culture sets off the modern-day trendsetting creative side of the widely influential music and pop-culture scene that makes Great Britain a center of artistic inspiration.

Whether you fantasize about walking the streets of Bath to recapture the gentility of Jane Austen’s 18th century world, wandering around Alnwick Castle – better known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – the film site of another international phenomenon of British origin or wish to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of The Beatles in Liverpool, Britain offers an inexhaustible list of treasures.

The ‘Sounds of GREAT Britain’ might just decide your next holiday destination in sixty seconds. The beauty of it is that while anticipating your journey, you can create various combinations of activities to preview the perfect days you will have when you arrive in the rich country that is Great Britain.

This is a paid advertorial for VisitBritain.


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