By Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – With some of the most amazing landscapes on earth, Rio de Janeiro offers amazing places to watch the sunset, and ending a long day and starting the evening. Following are some recommended locations to see the sunset in the Cidade Maravilhosa.

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Arpoador is probably the most famous sunset destination in Rio and attracts many tourists and Carioca’s every day, photo internet recreation.

Arpoador is the name of a large rock, tucked in at the end of Ipanema beach and is probably the most famous sunset destination in Rio. An attraction for both Carioca’s and tourists, the sun sets besides Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) and throws out radiant colors of purple, orange and pink.

When the show is over expect everyone to clap in celebration of the sun leaving until the next morning and then head to a bar along Ipanema beach to continue the night.

Mirante Dona Marta
To get here is no easy task, but more than worth it. It takes a quick trip to the top of Santa Marta favela by using the elevator that runs to the highest point, followed by a brisk 40-minute hike from there.

Local Carioca Mayla Barreto said, “It is the most beautiful sunset you will find in Rio. It is an interesting journey to get there, but really worth it.” She adds it is one of the most rewarding trails there is, with spectacular views of Guanabara Bay, the Sugarloaf Mountain and across Botafogo.

As well as this already spectacular view, the sunset adds a whole other experience, when it fills the sky with deep reds and oranges, and the houses below twinkle as the lights inside come on for the evening.

Sunset, Travel, Rio Travel, Rio de Janeiro, Rio, Rio Times, Brazil, Brazil News, Arpoador,
Rio’s most spectacular sunset sets over the city for another day, photo internet recreation.

Sugarloaf Mountain
Also known as Pão de Açúcar offers a great but also pricey option when searching for a great sunset. Tickets can be bought on site for around R$50 and will give you a smooth cable cart ride to the top, which has been in operation 1912.

Rising 396 meters above Guanabara bay, the sunset gives you an incredible view of the city and is well worth the cost and the experience in its entirety.

The Lagoa is located in the heart of south of the river zone, in the Rodrigo Lake of Freitas. It is an affluent residential area, which is surrounded by parks laced with jogging, cycling paths.

Lagoa provides an incredible sunset, which can be enjoyed in the comfort of a quality restaurant such as, Palaphita Kitch, with a nice glass of wine. This is definitely a less challenging solution to enjoy a sunset.

Vista Chinesa
Vista Chinesa is a Chinese-style gazebo, which can be reached by car, hiking or cycling through the beautiful Tijuca Forest. The trail is a great experience, with everything from waterfalls, monkeys and even a sunset at the end if timed correctly.

The Chinese Viewpoint really allows you to appreciate the unrestricted view of the Lagoon below, Zona Sul, Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and the surrounding Tijuca Forest as the sunsets over the Marvelous City.