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By Richard Mann, Contributing Reporter A survey carried out by the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM) shows that 98 percent of Brazilian cities have fiscal problems and face obstacles in receiving funds from the Federal Government. If the law were...
By Richard Mann, Contributing ReporterSÃO PAULO, BRAZIL - São Paulo Governor João Doria announced the opening of a business office in the Chinese municipality of Shanghai. The announcement was made after a meeting with China’s Ambassador to Brazil Yang...
By Lise Alves, Senior Contributing ReporterSÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Representatives from the Rio-Galeão consortium, which administers Rio’s Tom Jobim International Airport, admitted it has engaged talks regarding the possibility of new investors entering the group to help pay this...
By Kate Rintoul, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Two of the most challenging aspects of moving to a different country can be making new friends, and missing some favorite foods from home. For those in Rio, Authentic Indian...
By Kate Rintoul, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — At a ceremony held in Centro, Rio on Wednesday (August 6th), the Foundation for Childhood and Adolescence in Rio de Janeiro (RJ-FIA) welcomed it's latest group of about 500 teens...
By Alfred Rinaldi, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - An unavoidable aspect to spending time on the beaches of Rio are the vendors that endlessly pass by yelling and selling all types of food and drinks, even bikinis and...
By Anna Kaiser, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - ChefsClub is a restaurant discount service which started in 2011, initially in Rio, and is currently expanding throughout Brazil. With a low membership fee, users get major discounts at 235...
By Stephen Eisenhammer, Senior Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Having replaced two executives at the end of April, there are rumors of more to come, as Petrobras´ CEO, Maria das Gracas Foster, begins to oversee changes at the top...
By Jaylan Boyle, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO - Brazilian government-managed oil giant Petrobras reported in a recent press release record production levels for the month of September. Domestic output increased by 1.2 percent in August. The record figures...



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