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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Protesters filled a historic square in Colombia’s capital on Wednesday to demonstrate against the government’s handling of a wide range of issues, including the economic fallout of the pandemic and implementation of the peace...
By Jennifer M. Piscopo and Peter Siavelis (*) RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - One year ago, Chileans took their anger over inequality and injustice to the streets, insisting that redressing the nation's deep structural problems would require more than reform....
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday, October 21st, on social media that the "Brazilian people will not be anyone's guinea pig" when commenting on the Chinese Coronavac vaccine. "For my government, before any vaccine is...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Even if public opinion is placing it up against the ropes, Congress will not yield. Legislators in both Houses have been working hard to avoid, or at least defer, any punishment of senator Chico...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - For the second day, reserve military and Armed Forces pensioners have protested in Brasília against President Jair Bolsonaro. Senior ranks and soldiers are complaining about the reduction in the amounts for additional pay (earned...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The Brazilian Senate approved, by 57 votes in favor and 10 against, the appointment of conservative Judge Kassio Nunes Marques, 48, to become a Justice of the STF (Federal Supreme Court). He will replace...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - In its relations between Germany and Brazil, the German government is allegedly disregarding human rights violations in the South American country in order not to jeopardize the European Union-Mercosur trade agreement. Meanwhile, it is noticeably...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Argentina´s economy ministry said on Wednesday it had sent the country´s Congress a bill to spur construction activity through tax and financing incentives, an effort to create jobs and boost investment in an economy...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The return of Evo Morales' party to power in Bolivia redesigns the map of political balance in Latin America. Although the country - with only 11 million inhabitants and a very modest economy compared...



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