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LIVESTREAM: Loucura Suburbana (online) – Rio's bloco "Loucura Suburbana" will host a Carnival livestream this Thursday. The samba composers of Loucura Suburbana will present their original songs at 4 PM on Loucura's Facebook page. Loucura Suburbana – live on Loucura Suburbana's Facebook...
LIVESTREAM: Me Enterra na Quarta (online) – Rio's bloco "Me Enterra na Quarta", which traditionally parades on Carnival Wednesdays, will host a Carnival livestream today. The band will go live at 4 Pm on their Instagram page. Me Enterra na Quarta –...
LIVESTREAM: Anitta (online) – The world-famous artist Anitta will go live again this Tuesday. Anitta's Carnival celebration will happen at 11 PM. Anitta – live on Anitta's YouTube channel. Check the event for further details. LIVESTREAM: Léo Santana (online) – The Bahian pagodão singer Léo...
LIVESTREAM: Giulia Be (online) – The pop singer Giulia Be will go live this Monday on YouTube. Famous for her single "Menina Solta", Giulia Be will perform at 8:30 PM. Giulia Be – live on Giulia Be's YouTube channel. Check the event for...
LIVESTREAM: Bloco da Anitta (online) – This Sunday, Skol Beats will present Bloco da Anitta, the Carnival bloco by the world-famous pop artist Anitta. The bloco will start performing at 5 PM. The show will be livestreamed both by Anitta and...
LIVESTREAM: Monobloco (online) – Monobloco, one of the most traditional blocos of Rio de Janeiro, will livestream this Saturday. The group will play Carnival marchinha songs, samba and MPB hits at 8:30 PM on Facebook. Monobloco – live on Monobloco's YouTube channel. Check...
LIVESTREAM: Geraldo Azevedo (online) – Every Friday, the "Circo Voador no Ar" project streams the most iconic shows from the last years. Tonight, the house will present the 2015 show "Noite de Frevo", by Geraldo Azevedo, at 7 PM. Geraldo Azevedo –...
LIVESTREAM: Luedji Luna and Conceição Evaristo (online) – This Wednesday, Casa Natura Musical's Afetos project presents the Bahian singer Luedji Luna (photo) and the author Conceição Evaristo. The artists will talk about their partnership in Luedji Luna's latest music album, "Bom...
LIVESTREAM: Coral Paulistano (online) – This Wednesday, Theatro Municipal São Paulo will host Coral Paulistano, a traditional choir from São Paulo City that is celebrating its 85th anniversary. Conducted by regent Maíra Ferreira, the choir will interpret the work of Brazilian...



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