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By Brennan Stark, Contributing ReporterSÃO PAULO, BRAZIL - An estimated 300 Military Police accompanied by police helicopters began forcibly removing student protesters from the University of São Paulo (USP) at 5:10AM this morning.  Around sixty students have detained thus...
By Zoë Roller, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On Wednesday, September 28th, Military Police Commander Mário Sérgio de Brito Duarte announced his resignation from the hospital where he was recovering from prostate surgery. Duarte, a former commander of...
By Zoë Roller, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – For the past two weeks, the Complexo da Maré, an agglomeration of sixteen favela communities in Rio’s Zona Norte (North Zone), has seen numerous firefights between police and drug traffickers,...
Opinion, by Michael KerlinRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - "Things could really be different this time," we told ourselves about the insertion of Police Pacification Units (UPPs) into violent favelas to root out drug traffickers. Residents were walking up and...
By Brennan Stark, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The terrible tragedy of Região Serrana in early January this year has, unfortunately, been further tainted with allegations of corruption and the diverting of disaster relief funds into private pockets....
By Sibel Tinar, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO – A violent confrontation between drug traffickers and the police led to a state of emergency in Rio de Janeiro this morning, as a group of bandits took thirty-five guests and employees...
By Mira Olson, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO - Seven favelas in Tijuca were invaded and occupied by police forces last Wednesday, April 28th, in preparation for the establishment of the city’s first Police Pacification Unit (UPP) in this part...



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