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By Ciara Long, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - With less than three percent of Brazilians fluent in English and only five percent of the population able to speak any English at all, long-term visitors and foreigners residing in...
By Lisa Flueckiger, Senior Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – When looking for a job in Brazil it is a necessity for practically all posts to have at least some knowledge of Portuguese, as English is not as widespread...
By Stephanie Foden, Contributing ReporterSALVADOR, BRAZIL - Bahia’s sun-drenched capital, Salvador, is an architecture gem; founded in the 1500s it is one of the oldest cities in Brazil and home to impressive colonial and baroque styles. The city was...
By Chesney Hearst, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - A significant rise in the number of foreign immigrants coming into Brazil is seen as an indication of the country's varied opportunities, as well as the relative lack of options...
By Leo Cutting, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - For some, the prospect of spending a ten-day vacation exploring Rio’s neighborhoods and relaxing on its beautiful beaches is simply not enough. Those who want to immerse themselves in...
By Andrew Willis, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In a world turned upside down in recent years, more and more foreigners are travelling to Brazil for work, attracted by its growing economy and rising middle class. Tourism...
By Jay Forte, Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The Gringo Café in Ipanema started the Gringo Group Therapy Happy Hour event in early 2011, and since September has been partnering with different groups in the Rio foreign community...
By Sarah de Sainte Croix, Senior Contributing ReporterRIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – BridgeBrazil, a leading school teaching Portuguese language to foreigners, has been awarded government accreditation under the Study in Brazil program. Effective as of this month, the program’s...
EditorialRIO DE JANEIRO - This week we published a story about the FESTLIP festival and it took me back to last year when I learned a new word from one of our reporters - "lusophone". It reminded me...



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