We regret to inform you that Howard Borsden passed away on Friday 23rd November after a short illness.

As a young boy Howard lived in Rio where he attended the British School. He retained many happy memories of those years and having lived in Britain, Sultanate of Oman, Sudan, Holland and France he moved back here in 2006. He and his partner Eli moved to Araras, near Petrópolis, from where he continued to run his business.

Howard believed in reason rather than conflict and weapons. He believed there had to be something good in everybody if you were just able to see what they saw, through their eyes. In respect of color of the skin, cultures or religions Howard was completely color-blind and did not judge anybody.

Howard loved reading – poetry, great classic novels from any country, history and politics. He always read several books about the same politicians or period of time written by historians, academics or journalists with different points of view. Howard loved nature and he loved his dogs and cats.

We extend our sincere condolences to Eli for her loss, and to Howard’s business partners and friends who will miss his kindness, his hospitality and his gentlemanly ways. May he rest in peace.


  1. Howard was my closest friend. He was a large person, physically and in mind and spirit and in his wide culture, so easy to underestimate even in the face of his impressive persona. We laughed a lot. Howard did his best always and his best was often strikingly original. Of course he died too soon, for his friends and for the realisation of his dreams. I miss him.


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