Most of our Readers do not have the right (or are not compelled by law) to vote in Brazil during the nation-wide elections on October 3rd, but we wanted to know who the English speaking community in Rio, Brazil and abroad would vote for given the opportunity: Marina Silva, Dilma Rousseff , or José Serra.

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  1. It is not a popularity contest between individuals, nor a final chance to vent outdated opinions of Lula. This is a selection between different political parties, their philosophies and established, demonstrated priorities.

    While some prefer the intellectual over the technocrat or activist, the PT has shown itself an ally of the people over and over again. And now they have 8 years of (highly successful) middle of the road economic policies to tamp down the hysteria often directed their way.

    Choose wisely.

  2. Personalty…
    No one there is able to govern the Brazil..

    The politics here are very, very, very dirty!!!…

    There’s no one that we can trust… Unfortunatly.. It’s the reality =/

  3. Honestly I do not think any is my perfect candidate and I have though many times in nulling my vote, but for now I will stick to Marina.

  4. My son has lived and worked in Brazil for over ten years and is married to a Brazilian and has a son. He pays his taxes and has Permanent Residency.
    Yet he is not allowed to vote. Whatever happened to ‘No Taxation without Representation’ which was the basis of the Americal Constitution and the Brazilian Constitution is based on that.

  5. It should be not a matter of persons alone: it is what they stand for. The Green Party, if they do what they stand for, is for Brazil and the Worlds largest area of unspoiled nature of vital importance; if Brazil will not succeed in ending this undisturbed looting of worlds greatest treasure, including the destruction of the culture and lives of all the native people in the Amazone, the result will be an undescribeble disaster for the world. And time is runninig short. the whole world should pay Brazil to save the world. And brazil should be more aware of its vital position and responsibility.


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