The American Society of Rio de Janeiro is immensely saddened to report that our community has lost one of its most beloved members. Marion Way, a longstanding Society member, Governor and head of our charity committee, died of heart failure after a long illness.

He was 82 years old, having come to Brazil in 1962 as a missionary; he worked at the Instituto Central do Povo for 50 years. He is survived by his wife Anita Way and three children.

In 1984, Marion was the richly deserved recipient of the Ralph Greenberg Award, granted by the Society to honor the outstanding achievements of a resident American who has unselfishly contributed time and effort for the good of the community. After his award, he chaired the committee to select future winners.

The funeral service will be held May 14th at 1 pm at the Instituto Central do Povo on Rua Rivadávia Correia, 188, Gamboa, at the foot of the Morro da Providência near the Cidade do Samba. The link contains directions.

Courtesy of The American Society of Rio de Janeiro.


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