With so much growth and speculation in the real estate market in Rio, and the recent turbulence in the global and national stock markets …



  1. None of the above.

    * As we all know, when returns from the (stock) market go poorly in Brazil, investment shifts to property. The Market is 28% below its peak, 25% below this year’s. So….

    * Funds were shifted to Sao Paulo, Rio, and other urban property markets.

    * What’s next? As urban property markets peak and level off, unless the Market turns around and takes off- investment should shift to beach and other tourism destinations. Wherever reasonably priced, available and highly desirable property lies. If not Buzios, Trancoso, Pipa, RGS and Jericoacoara, Ceara which have already gone through the roof- to rising new destinations.

    Like the Peninsula de Marau, Bahia. Cumuruxatiba.




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