RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Many news companies have reconsidered the ability for Readers to leave anonymous comments on news articles, as it often degenerates into “bar-room brawl” responses, and at it’s worst, libel/slanderous and hateful attacks. On the other hand it provides an opportunity for discussion and instills a sense of community around topics and locations.

According to a report published by the American University School of Communication’s graduate journalism program, 75 percent of news sites allow readers to comment on stories, and that number is expected to rise. And while 61 percent of Americans visit news sites on a daily basis, only 25 percent of Internet users have actually commented on a story, according to the Pew Research Center.

As our Readers, and community, please vote and share your opinion to help inform any changes we may make on the site. Also use the “ShareThis” feature below to send to anyone you think should participate.

* Please note you are only allowed to vote once, and if you return to the page click “View Results” to see the real-time responses.

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  1. Of course, one problem with the poll here might be that the same people who answer the poll are the ones more likely to comment on the website, so of course they will vote yes…

  2. Of course comments should be allowed..! And being anonymous is fine also. For example… a reader commenting in support of marijuana legalization… could jeopardize his / her job – so in this case, anonymity is important. The only censorship that should exist is if it degenerates into personal attacks against another commenter… which has no relevance to the actual subject.

    The fact is, that quite often, the readers’ comments are more intelligent than that of the actual journalist (i’m referring to the O Globo news website – where the journalists constantly pander to the politicians… while the readers are more critical).


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